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Couch to 5 with a break? Is that possible

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Enkopkaffetak Fri 01-Jan-16 20:22:08

I have promised myself to get back into fitness i n 2016. I am overweight and it doesn't make me feel good about myself.

So I downloaded a couch to 5 app and set off today. it went well and I am not feeling too bad tonight having been out.. So all happy with this. However

The ap says to run 3 times a week with a break inbetween. I am due to go to Denmark on Thursday for 3 1/2 days.. I am not taking any luggage bar hand luggage and I realised I really can't see my being able to have my running kit with me I am unsure I will have room

So what is the best to do if there isnt room in my holdall bag?

Just run every 2nd day So Sunday Tuesday and not run Wednesday through to Sunday? ( I likely could squeeze one on Wednesday and not run Thurs - Sun)

Then start with week 2? OR should I redoo week 1 what will be the best to do?

Ideally I would like room for the running kit and I if I can I will simply bring it I am just worried about the running shoes as well they fill a fair bit and I need 3 days worth of clothes with me.

Has anyone done this or similar?

DramaAlpaca Fri 01-Jan-16 23:44:29

I don't think a break of a few days would be a problem at all.

I wouldn't run on both Tuesday and Wednesday as the rest days are important to help your body recover, especially when you are new to running.

When I did it I often left two days between runs because I felt my body needed the break. You don't need to stick fixedly to the weeks - it took me 11 weeks instead of 9 to complete it the programme.

If your first two runs of week 1 go well & you feel comfortable you could try moving on to week 2 & see how you feel, but there'd be no harm in doing week 1 again if you need to.

Slow & steady progress is best with C25K so you build up your strength & stamina gradually.

MrsMook Sat 02-Jan-16 00:13:52

It took me 5-6 months to do it. My baby was poorly after wk3, then minor ailments arose, then the festive season, so after a gap of 6 weeks, I resumed with a repeat of wk3.

I didn't always manage 3 a week. I just worked through each one in the programme. I was cautious about injury, so did some repeats here and there when I felt it was advancing in a jump.

Samantha28 Sat 02-Jan-16 00:16:43

Don't run when you are away , the kit takes up loads of space . When you get back, do week one again . Simple

And join a C25K support thread here on MN. It's compulsory grin

DramaAlpaca Sat 02-Jan-16 00:26:42

YY to joining a support thread on MN. It's what got me through it.

MajesticWhine Sat 02-Jan-16 01:02:20

A few days without a run will be fine. If you feel you are not ready for the next step just repeat week 1 day 3 (or whichever) when you get back. So one extra run before moving on to the next week. I think I did that a couple of times. And maybe also sometimes took 9 days instead of 7 to do 3 runs for example.

Enkopkaffetak Sat 02-Jan-16 13:23:52

Well ds and I went for our first park run today. I walked ran it in 44.46 so I feel pretty good. I was not sore from yesterday. I kan own i am not as dit as I used to be. However do walk miles in my work so I guess my legs didn't feel it was overkill. Will take a rest day tomorrow though

Enkopkaffetak Sat 02-Jan-16 13:24:22

Forgot to say thank you for all replies and yes I will join one of the support threads

Samantha28 Sat 02-Jan-16 13:35:15

Well done on your first parkrun , hope your DS enjoyed it . If you keep doing your C25K you will get a little faster every few weeks, which is very encouraging .

Did you remember to sign up to the texts and / or emails ?

Enkopkaffetak Sat 02-Jan-16 14:23:53

Yes we did. Ds age 14 enjoyed it and was thrilled to half lap me at one point. He ran the course 1p mins faster than me. Dd2s has expressed interest for next time. Week after next as I will be in DK nexr weekend

Enkopkaffetak Sat 02-Jan-16 14:24:21

10 minutes not1pgrin

Samantha28 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:31:09

It's a fin thing for the kids to get into . Three of mine ran with me this morning . I use the phrase " ran with me " loosely as the 11 yo is much faster blush

Samantha28 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:31:46

Or even a fun thing

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