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lorelei9 Fri 01-Jan-16 15:07:01

hi all
I have been a regular gym goer for years and years. However, I would really like to have some good home equipment but space is beyond limited. I can stack weights without any trouble, but something for cardio is going to be challenging to say the least!

the dream machine would be an elliptical, which is my favourite, that has some kind of ability to fold away a bit so at least it can be hidden by a screen.

another option would be a rower - second favourite anyway - that packs down enough to slide under a bed?

A treadmill is out of the question (downstairs neighbours and to be honest I don't like it anyway).

If I could sort this, I could save my annual gym money so I guess I would pay up to £400? I was wondering if there were any good offers on at the moment but most of what I'm seeing takes up a lot of space or alternatively, looks very flimsy.

does anyone have anything they'd like to recommend? Thanks.

Oldisthenewblack Sat 02-Jan-16 17:07:18

What about a rebounder? Otherwise known as a mini trampoline? I have one that slides under my bed when not in use. They are excellent for an aerobic workout and quite cheap. You mentioned you have downstairs neighbours (so do I) so I have to say that some rebounders do squeak a bit when in use. Though you can oil them, I've been told. I keep the legs on mine when it's under the bed, but the legs can be removed thereby making them even easier to store.

I did see an elliptical trainer a few months ago that was foldable - I'll see if I can find a link to it.

I have a treadmill that folds up. It is a big bugger though, I know you can get smaller folding treadmills (though I know you said you're not keen) that are fairly silent, so shouldn't bother your neighbours. The Reebok irun treadmill was one I had ages ago and that was on the smaller side.

I also have a step that I use sometimes for a bit of a cardio workout. They're very cheap and easy to store.

Oldisthenewblack Sat 02-Jan-16 17:13:01

Not sure how to do links, so you may have to copy and paste the above!

I think this was the one I was looking at a while back, though it appears to have one rather unfavourable review.

lorelei9 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:11:49

Thanks for the link, that's helpful
I was wondering how sturdy people find these, have you ever had this type of thing at home?
Trampoline definitely not something I'd want, nor a step
I know it's asking a lot to have a machine in a small space but it would be so nice to ditch the gym fees and tbh the environment as well.

Oldisthenewblack Sat 02-Jan-16 20:12:25

I've never used an elliptical trainer at home, I've only ever had treadmills, which have always been perfectly sturdy. I would imagine they are sturdy enough for regular use; they do have to be fit for purpose. I guess, as with anything, to some extent we take pot luck when we order something.

I do understand the desire to be able to work out at home - can be so much more convenient too. Personally though, despite my home gym equipment, I find the gym is a bit more motivational for me, at this point in my life anyway.

I do hope you manage to find something suitable.

MrsMook Sun 03-Jan-16 17:13:30

Exercise bike? They can be fairly compact.

I've got a stacker box with things like kettlebells, resistance bands, balance board and skipping rope.

lorelei9 Sun 03-Jan-16 17:27:21

thanks all
I have weights and resistance bands at home already which are great.

I've never really taken to the bike, I don't know why. What I'm doing now is concentrating on clearing out max space for an elliptical - wish me luck!

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