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12 weeks to get from 5k to HM...can I do it?

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AngelicCurls Thu 31-Dec-15 19:31:36

I started C25k a couple of weeks ago and have got really into it, doing my first parkrun tomorrow morning. My DB is doing a half marathon in April and has asked if I fancy it.
I do but I'm not sure if it's too soon and if I'll get up to the distance by then, am I mad to consider it?

A complication is I've got an EBF 3m old who at the moment needs me most of the evening so fitting long training runs in would be limited to weekends and running in the week with a pushchair is only possible the 2 days that my 2yo DD is at nursery!

So is it a crazy idea?

nephrofox Thu 31-Dec-15 19:36:45

Not totally crazy. In fact if you fancy a training virtual partner I could probably my be convinced. I've done a couple of half's and a mara in the past (pre kids) and am just getting back into it. I also am doing park run for the first time since dc2 in morning.

Long run wise you don't really need to go about 10 or 11 miles. I would always choose to do those on a weekend morning so do I have childcare then?

nephrofox Thu 31-Dec-15 19:37:02

Do you have childcare I meant

AngelicCurls Thu 31-Dec-15 19:41:53

Yes, DH can look after the DCs, it's just atm DC2 won't settle for anyone by me in the evenings! I'd forgotten what a long slog the evenings were with a newborn!

Might enter then at least I've got the motivation to train, I'd be up for a virtual kick up the back side too!

museumum Thu 31-Dec-15 19:48:00

Look on runners world for a 12 week training plan and try to judge whether you think weeks 1 and 2 look achievable for you. If they are then you should be able to do it.

You're obviously skipping weeks in c25k if you're ready to do a 5k in just a couple of weeks so you must be fitter than the average c25k user.

SquidgyTummy Thu 31-Dec-15 19:51:27

I would love to do it virtually with you! I'm doing a HM in March and I thanks to a calf injury I haven't really run since the middle of November. Before that I was only running 5k about 3 times a week. And I am sloooow.

AyeAmarok Thu 31-Dec-15 19:52:06

Definitely doable!

One long run a week, as well as your normal runs, where you stretch the distance out -running slowly- just to get the distance into the legs.

Good luck!

AngelicCurls Thu 31-Dec-15 20:03:29

Thanks museumum just had a nosy at some training plans, though looked at the bupa freebie on instead. Think it might be doable, I think I'll see how I go on tomorrow and if it's ok then I'll enter.

Yes have been going through the C25K app a bit quicker, taking advantage of DH at home over the holidays so go out most days, plus we are rural so the loops I can do are either 3.5k or 5k so did my first 5k run last week with the first long run. Currently running in some knackered old merrell walking trainers as well, waiting on some new decent trainers on order so hopefully that'll offset my wonky running and sore knees!

AngelicCurls Thu 31-Dec-15 20:06:21

squidgy I am slow too, have checked th parkrun times and am going to be one of the last tomorrow I reckon! Ah well, I've got the excuse of multiple night wakings with the newborn, hoping he'll sleep ok tonight so I've got some energy tomorrow. Although it's amazing how much energy running gives me smile

AngelicCurls Thu 31-Dec-15 20:07:49

Forgot to say, which one are you doing squidge ?

SquidgyTummy Fri 01-Jan-16 09:48:56

The Surrey Half. I'm lucky because I'm doing it for a charity I really believe in so it's not just about the running iyswim so long as I finish it!! I'm really not a natural runner. Congratulations on a new baby and having the energy to get going. I'm trying to persuade myself to go for a run right now ...

AngelicCurls Fri 01-Jan-16 12:17:39

Well, 1st parkrun completed successfully! Had a few bits of walking up the hill but not much and the main thing is I enjoyed it-woohoo fgrin . DH not so much though, had to contend with a very grumpy 2 yo as well as baby, although I did think welcome to my world hmm. Still, think I'll be able to persuade him to look after the kids for me to go semi regularly, it's just a bit too far to leave EBF DS at home whilst I do it, so they all have to trek along.

I have entered the HM now so no going back, all virtual training partners and motivators welcome!

nephrofox Fri 01-Jan-16 19:08:55

Well done on the parkrun. I also did one, my second since 2011!!! Finished in 35 odd so not last but plenty room for improvement.

I also left DH with 2.5 yr old and 8 month old - makes a change as usually it's him running!

I am going to look online at local races tonight.

FiftyNineOhEight Fri 01-Jan-16 19:18:10

Angelic well done on your parkrun smile in case you haven't seen them, there's a HM support thread, a running thread and a parkrun thread - all are very friendly and supportive smile

Teaandcakeat8 Fri 01-Jan-16 19:26:20

You can - I've done it - but don't expect to get an amazing time.

I probably trained for my first half in about 16 weeks and finished but in a slow time (around 2 1/2 hrs).

If your goal is to get round then definitely. It just means you will have less time for contingency, e.g. work stresses or illness, injury - in the end out of the 16 weeks I ended up having a few lapses for all those reasons.

But it's a great goal and everyone has to start somewhere - good luck!

AngelicCurls Fri 01-Jan-16 19:41:49

Thanks all, well done nephro as well, I did mine one 36m 18 m so room for improvement for me also! New trainers should arrive tomorrow then on with training plan in earnest!

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