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1000 mile challenge

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sheepareextinct Tue 22-Dec-15 05:13:23

Has anyone done this?!/

Am vaguely considering it in a "maybe it will force me to exercise, give me something to focus on other than work crises, (midlife crisis?)" fashion.

Background being that I am not naturally an exerciser, did get into running pretty well for a year 7 years ago, have dabbled occassionally since then but always get distracted. Need to lose weight but am failing to be in the right headspace.

Obstacles being full time work with a husband who works six days a week and generally not home before 7. children. Live in the Middle East at mo so later on in year all running will be treadmill based.

Almost feels impossible but then part of me thinks that if I can't carve out half an hour (who am I kidding? 40 mins) to run the requisite just under three miles day then that's a pretty poor show too...

Clare1971 Tue 29-Dec-15 15:18:19

Go for it. I'm not a runner but I plan to walk 500 miles in 2016. I'm looking for a forum to keep me accountable but the ones I've found son't seem to have regular posters.

McPie Sun 03-Jan-16 19:08:26

I've signed up for this and started on new years day, I set monthly goals on Garmin connect so a longer term one sounded good. I hope to have this completed by mid August.

CooCooCachoo Thu 14-Jan-16 22:02:54

Hello! I started New Year's Day too! I started running again last January, nothing amazing, 2-3 5ks a week and want to ramp it up a bit now and really want to lose residual (baby) weight.

I'm not yet fit enough to cover 20miles a week so have started at 15 miles over 4 runs a week until I'm used to the additional mileage and will increase from there. I'm going to need the full year.....

Also have (young) children and I work full time, DH going back up to full time in near future so appreciate that it will be a juggling act to get it all in.

I don't have the heat to contend with that you will have later in the year OP, but by the time it becomes unbearable, you will hopefully be used to the routine and maybe able to complete weekly mileage over less, but longer, runs - So not a daily slog on the treadmill!

Have just finished second week and have hit my 30 mile mark.

Best of luck with your goals.

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