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Beachbody Thread 3 (Insanity, T25 etc)

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Jacksterbear Mon 21-Dec-15 11:40:43

New thread for an (almost) new year, and almost exactly a year since the start of the original thread!

Boobz Tue 22-Dec-15 11:41:05

Thanks Jackster! And what a year it has been - I found my lump on March 7th - feels like an age ago and only yesterday at the same time...

Still here, still reading. Went for check up with surgeon last week - he's happy with how I am healing. DH is getting me loads of lovely new sports clothes and shoes for Xmas, so my plan is to start with a gentle run on Monday once we are back from France. Will start posting in earnest again then as hope to build in Insanity into my running training (Rome marathon on April 10th - eek).

Jacksterbear Wed 23-Dec-15 13:56:19

Wow Boobz I wouldn't have known it's been that long. You have been awesome and inspirational. wine <raises glass in toast to Boobz's awesomeness>

Have done PiYo Mon and Tues. Boobz I wonder if that would be an option for you while recuperating. Low impact but brilliant for strength, balance and flexibility. Very different from your usual stuff but might be worth a look, if it's free online somewhere.

Contemplating Combat class at gym later. However my gym is in a retail park, next to ToysRus, Boots, and Argos. So it might just be an insane idea to try to head there tonight at 6pm!! grin

Purpleraindeer Thu 24-Dec-15 10:00:29

Jackster - heading to a retail park on Xmas Eve is more hardcore than the workout!

Boobz - I can't believe it's been that long. Your positivity and grit has been amazing to see. It has rubbed off on us all. I hope you have a great Xmas and are ready to start working out bang on schedule on Monday as planned!

Well - semi success in the pull up challenge. I can now do 1 full pull up and 2 full chin ups. Objectively that's not too impressive but it's infinitely more pull ups than I could do to start with and double the number of chin ups grin. Have been working out all week - last pre Xmas one this morning but hoping to go for some runs over the next few days just to get some fresh air and headspace - I love Xmas, but it is pretty intense.

Have a great break everyone and I'm looking forward to more hardcore exercise chat after Xmas.


Jacksterbear Thu 24-Dec-15 18:24:12

Awesome work re the pull-ups, purple.

Well I braved the gym (and it was relatively quiet, as it turned out).

Merry Christmas all! fsmile

Insanityanddivorce Sat 26-Dec-15 08:37:12

Marking my place here - new to mumsnet and starting insanity in the next couple of days! Eeek, new to beachbody workouts and whilst I'm reasonable fit I'm rather nervous. I'm in limbo for a few months whilst me house sells/divorce goes through and I thought it would be the perfect mental/physical challenge (plus hitting the beach end March) - also finding it harder to get out to the gym so in need of something at home 💪💪

Sarahlouboo Sat 26-Dec-15 16:50:37

Just a quick Xmas hello.

Welcome Insanity! Hope you enjoy the workouts. If you are already fit I am sure you will find them fine. I do shorter workouts because I am a wimp because of time pressures but no matter what you do you can ramp it up or tone it down, you'll be fine! Sounds as though you are going through a tough time. Hope 2016 is kind to you.

Boobz - good luck for Monday and hope you enjoy it. I can't believe it was March when you got the diagnosis!

Purple and Jackster - hello <waves>. Thanks for starting a new thread Jackster.

I have done a few T25/30DS over the past week and have been strict about getting DS out of the house for fresh air and exercise every day. 40 at the end of Jan and what to look and feel good for birthday celebrations! Feeling back on track after a rocky end to the year. Hope you all have all had a good Xmas break.

Jacksterbear Mon 28-Dec-15 09:11:37

Hello all. Welcome Insanity. Here's to better things for you in 2016. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with Insanity. Oh and btw, we are usually busier than this on here - (hopefully) it's just gone quiet over Xmas!

Did manage a 25 min exercise bike session on Boxing Day, but other than that have had 4 days of overeating and drinking and no exercise (with 3 more coming up), so feeling urghhhh.

Sarah, T25 + 30DS = good combination - short but effective workouts, different paces, like it!

Did anyone get any good exercise-related presents for Xmas? I got a ShaunT crop-top - will post pic later!

Jacksterbear Mon 28-Dec-15 13:59:00

Crop top! grin

yumyumpoppycat Mon 28-Dec-15 16:26:37

well done everyone who has been exercising over the hols. I think there is too little space to exercise with trees and decs up in my house so waiting until I clear away christmas stuff fwink

Jackster your top looks brill!!! I dream of being able to wear a crop top. I am going to use that info you posted at the end of the last thread to formulate my January plan.

Be back on Jan 4th if not before! x

Insanityanddivorce Mon 28-Dec-15 22:16:45

Thank you for the lovely welcomes. Tough time but will be all good in the end 💪😄💪
Tomorrow is the day! Nursing a monster hangover and Super late night effects today; a last hurrah for a while. Will get my before pics done and then I think it's the fit test up first. Feeling super flabby and out of condition at the mo so hoping it will keep me motivated with my food choices as well. I've planned my food tomorrow and put it in mfp already so there's hopefully no getting distracted by the many tonnes of Christmas food!

I really hope I can keep up, I'm a spinner, runner, metafiter (is that a thing?) body combat and the gym. Aspire to more yoga to keep the niggles at bay...prob exercise 5 times a week min. However I counteract it all with food n booze.

Will do some stats in the morning when I have faced the scales 😱😱

Boobz Tue 29-Dec-15 11:35:36

Hey everyone!

Welcome Insanity! - Insanity is my favourite of the beachbody routines and I am slightly addicted, so it will be fun to restart with you (I had a wee break for cancer stuff).

Jackster will check PiYo next week - thanks for the tip. LOVE your crop top, and your abs - jealous moi? They will return!

Well, went for a tiny run yesterday, just to test the boobs and all was fine, so went for a longer one today - only 3m and took 30 mins so was veeeery slow, but everything works and no pain from the chest so all good. And no asthma probs either. Am going to follow the Hal Higdon marathon training schedule, but am having to start at week 5 as I only have 14 weeks left until Rome Marathon. So that's a 3m today, 5m tomorrow, 3m again on Thurs and then 10m on Saturday! Hmmm.

Am then heading off for my fasting 2 weeks in Germany! Not sure I will be able to run that much when I am eating so little but will try to at least do some running and perhaps some month 1 Insanities.

Well done Purple on your pull up challenge - you must be well chuffed! And for exercising so much over the Xmas period. I might be coming over in March next year so we should defo get a Barry's in there if we can.

Are you doing a big party for your 40th Sarah? It has been quite the year for you too - I hope your Christmas was as merry as it could be but am sure there was a tinge of sadness too...

Let us know what plan you formulate yum!

Purpleraindeer Wed 30-Dec-15 19:56:57

Hello everyone!
Nice to see this thread a bit busier.
Love the crop top jackster. I got a new sweaty Betty exercise top for Xmas but it's not as fun as yours.
Welcome insanity - how have the first few days been?
Boobz - glad the run went well. Have you done a mara before? I've used the Hal Higdon plans before and thought they were great. Have you thought about just building up your weekly long run more slowly to start with - eg 1m per week then later on build up more quickly. It's so easy to get injured running if you do too much too quickly - but I know you're a runner so you know that....
I've lost my way a bit with p90x3. Am now just about to start block 3 but really feeling my cardio fitness is gone as there's so little of it in p90x3. Am wondering whether to stop, do max30 for a bit then come back to it. Can't decide. I don't want to lose my pull up strength again hmm
And who posts as bfmummy on mfp? I saw a notification saying you'd logged in for 30days in a row - I was very impressed! Must shape up on the eating front again but we've got so much sweet stuff in the house it's a nightmare!

Insanityanddivorce Wed 30-Dec-15 20:32:16

Hello everyone smile
So fit test yesterday - I hung in there. Ached today tho. Weighed in at 9st 6lb (goal 8st 10lb as I'm 5ft 2) horrified. My seven yo daughter took some shocking before pics and told me a few home truths (honest little tinker)
However I ate like a saint then drank all evening (impromptu new single mum friend came round all ending up in signing me up to tinder at 1am confusedwink)
Day 2 good workout - really enjoyed it but hungover (stoopid me) legs n abs aching though.
Planning on Thursday and Friday then spin on Saturday for a change

Insanityanddivorce Thu 31-Dec-15 14:28:53

Day 3. Aching like nothing else but loving the workouts, right up my street! Let's hope I survive the night and come back strong tomorrow smilewineconfused
Hopefully after tonight I can work on my diet a bit

Jacksterbear Thu 31-Dec-15 15:32:53

Well done Insanity - great start! You sound like you must be pretty fit. Do you have a diet plan as well as exercise?

Purple I have been having the opposite thought recently - too much cardio and not enough strength. It's hard to find the balance! Have done 30DS L2 and 3 this week (as haven't used weights for a while). And today have done a gentle-ish run, to test out whether it still hurts my knee (it does, annoyingly angry - I used to run a lot but it started to hurt my R knee about 18 mths ago and it has not coped with running ever since sad).

How is the running going Boobz? Are you taking it easy on yourself? <stern face> (Sorry I know you must be sick of everyone saying it to you!).

Happy new year to you all! Unfortunately my NYE plans are scuppered due to poorly DD. sad Still at least that's one less day of over-eating/drinking to have to work off I guess <searches for silver lining>.


Boobz Thu 31-Dec-15 17:47:08

Hello all. Am on track with my running but am as stiff as buggery. And still planning to do 10m on Saturday - even if I end up walking a lot of it (you remember me saying Purple that I am not good at modifying a schedule - must do it by the book!) No I haven't run a mara before - farthest I have done is a 25km trail run... what about you?

And then some light Insanity on Sunday if I can move any muscles...

Keep going I&D - the first 2 weeks are the hardest! Make sure you take the Day 30 and Day 60 photos - so motivating! My day 90 photos are on my profile after doing P90X (and some serious dieting).

Sorry to hear your DD is poorly Jackster.

I must say Purple I wasn't really thrilled with P90X3 vs the original (which I LOVED)... I am trying to make my mind up which to do along with the running (P90X or Insanity) as I really want some good results now the cancer/chemo/surgery is done with and I can actually keep up with a plan rather than the stop start which has plagued me since weekly chemo started in July...

DH and I are Day 3 of the Zone again as well - DH wants to lose 14kg by end of April!! I want to lose 7.7, and I may finally buy that Skulpt to properly measure my body fat as well at some point...

Some new year goals perhaps? Anyone care to join? (I won't lose the spreadsheet/get cancer this year, promise, so we can properly track ourselves:

Start weight: 57.7kg
Target weight by April 10th: 50kg
Fitness goals: Complete a marathon in under 4 hours; complete "Toughest" and do 10 unaided chin ups

Have just tried on my super skiing jeans to keep me going on The Zone - can't even do the zip up (sad face) - won't post it now but will hopefully post it along side the "after" shot in April!

Boobz Thu 31-Dec-15 17:48:21

skinny jeans! Not skiing jeans!?

Purpleraindeer Fri 01-Jan-16 10:18:20

I wondered what skiing jeans were boobz! I thought that might be a Rome thing....

We are weight twins. I weighed in at 57.6kg this amshock. Want to get back to 55. I've done 3 maras - 4.18, 3.51, 4.21. I got my sub 4 when I started my training from a base mileage of 30m per week and built up. That was pre DH when I had a lot more time on my hands. I also don't think my legs could handle high mileage like that now without getting injured. Knowing how you feel about 'following the programme' boobz have you thought about the FURST programme? Is 3 runs per week with 2 or 3x cross training. Each of the 3 runs is a hard run (intervals, tempo or long) and it gives you time to fit in p90x/insanity. That programme worked for DH in his last mara and his pb is 3.39.

Hope everyone had a good nye and happy new year! Jackster - we were in too. Went to a party with the kids then home by 8.30pm.

Will post later with some goals! smile

Boobz Fri 01-Jan-16 10:34:11

Will check out the FURST prog and see if I prefer it to Higdon Purple - thanks for the heads up. Good mara times - I would be well chuffed with 3.51. Base mileage of 30m/week - was that lots of medium sized runs, or small and then a big run like Higdon?

Am surprised you weigh the same as me what with all your workouts Purple - it must be all muscle!

Jacksterbear Fri 01-Jan-16 10:52:03

Ooh - triplets! 57.7 kg (9st 1.5lb) also this morning!! Would like to be 56 kg (8st 12) (I have to use my phone to convert as I think in stones!).

gringrin @ "some light Insanity, Boobz.

My DD is much better today smile but my knee is still hurting from that bloody run. angry

Hope you all had good nights last night. X

mamapants Fri 01-Jan-16 18:44:18

Could I join you, if I manage it. Have just ordered p90x as present for my DH so won't be able to start until end of jan. So have got 30day shred DVD to start me off.
I am about 8 and half to nine stone- scales not working which is probably a good thing.
Want to her down to 7,10 max,was at my happiest at 7,3. I have not been doing any exercise and have got a lot of baby weight to deal with, struggle to find time to do any exercise so hoping a programme will keep me motivated.
Seen you all talking about base tests/ fitness tests. I'd really like to keep track of my progress, what kind of things are you measuring?
If I checked press ups, pull ups to max? What else?
Sorry for really long post.

Purpleraindeer Sat 02-Jan-16 07:35:21

Hi mama. P90x will have a fitness test that you do at the beginning of the programme and then you do it again at the end to see how you've improved. You also do photos and weigh/measure yourself. I'm sure if you google you could find the p90x fit test online so you could give it a go now before you start 30ds.

Boobz - my 30m pw was a 12miler on the weekend and then the rest spread over 4 days (prob 5/8/5). Now I write it down it feels like a lot! Mara training is hard as the key is consistency and (for me anyway) LOTS of miles which takes up a lot of time.

Jackster - sorry your knee is bugging you. Do you have an old injury or is it sore when you run. Piyo or yoga might help that?

I've decided to do 1 week of max30 and then alternate with p90x3. Nearly died after max30 last night. Wowee - Shaun t cardio is more tiring than Tony Horton! I can't believe I have to do it all again today....

Boobz Sat 02-Jan-16 13:16:24

God that does sound like a lot. I have just done 10m this morning and feel amaaaaazing though! Was dreading it a bit as thought I would have to walk a lot if it, but I just hit my stride at about 1.5m in and was away! Not the fastest time in the world, but it felt quite east, really, and I really really enjoyed it, running past the Colosseum, Castel St Angelo, Circo Massimo, the river, the Vatican etc. And perfect weather - a light drizzle and about 10 degrees with no wind. Am so surprised it was as easy as it was - it almost felt meditative!

Am going to feel it tomorrow though...

Welcome mamapants! You have come to the right place! If I were you, I'd join VK and look up the P90X videos on there so you can get started right now rather than waiting a month doing Shred instead.... ( ) How tall are you? 7.3 stone is super light... my lightest has been 7.8 stone (am 5'3ish) and was starting to look gaunt (but I was very fit having just completed P90X and a LOT of Bikram yoga)..

Yes I think Shaun is much harder cardio that Tony, for shiz.

Jacksterbear Sat 02-Jan-16 17:46:08

Welcome mama. Hope you are enjoying 30DS (an old favourite of mine), or Boobz's tip re VK is a good one. Agree, though, that 7 St 3 sounds very light, unless you are very petite height-wise.

Purple, the knee - it just started hurting out of the blue one day while out running, and has never recovered fully since. sad It is mostly fine with any other exercise but running. Obviously the relentless pounding of running is too much. I do know (first had it pointed out to me by a personal trainer friend, and have noticed it a lot since) that that knee has a tendency to turn inwards while exercising (and all the more so the more tired I get), so I suspect that starts to happen when I run and the impact starts to come up the outside of my knee rather than through the middle, iyswim - which is where it hurts.

Have done Combat @ gym today. Knee all good, but randomly the floor was really slippery in the gym so there was a lot of comedy slipping around once the sweat started dripping. Different floor cleaner perhaps?! confused

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