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Anyone do callanetics

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desperatelyseekingamovingdate Wed 02-Dec-15 23:06:09

I am low carbing and losing weight - yay, still a long way to go but a couple of dress sizes down.

Pre kids (2 c secs) i had a lovely hourglass shape and although the weight is shifting i am still somewhat brick like! I would love my waist back and to stop looking 5 months pregnant. Also my broadest point is my upper arms, i had to be a size 10-12 to have ok arms (currently a large 16).

My friend recommended callanetics - i have a big event mid jan, does anyone do it and does it work as quickly as the reviews i have found suggest? I have ordered a book. I tried an upper arm exercise earlier and they are def protesting now (arms behind your back and pulse - ouch!).

I am doing Hiit and shred as well but i like the idea of long lean graceful muscles.


CatsRule Sun 27-Dec-15 12:00:30

I done calanetics years ago, specifically for my arms as no matter what sizr I am they are always big! It really did help and I do need to start doing them again. I also found the bum ones good...the kneeling exercise and the sitting one where you lift your leg mm's. It doesn't seem very strenuous but they do work if persistent. I could never do the stomach ones but I'm.not very good at any stomach exercises! They are definitely worth a try...good luck.

mummyagainin2016 Sun 27-Dec-15 12:09:09

About still looking 5mths pregnant... You might have diastasis recti. Look it up. Have a look at MuTu or CarrieFit as both are designed for and safe for DR. And try to see a women's health physio for advice. Beware that crunches, planks and lots of traditional AB exercises and even Pilates are not good for DR and can make it worse and your tummy bigger.

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