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How do you get mud off your trainers?

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ThatsNiceDear Sat 21-Nov-15 17:39:19

I've bought some nice trainers today, after my crap ones got caked in mud. Obviously, as soon as I next go out, my new ones are going to be caked in mud too. My plan is: Let them dry, bash the worst off with a stiff brush, then put through the washing machine on their own. Is that ok, or if not what do you do?

What cycle/temerature do I use? Will they be dry by the next day, or do you need more than 1 pair if you run 2 days in a row?

Talkmeoutofthis222 Sat 21-Nov-15 17:41:53

I've taken to putting them in the airing cupboard on newspaper. I have some trainers that didn't fair well in the washing machine so I'm not doing that again.

They're dry by next day and that seems fair enough to me!

Luciferbox Sat 21-Nov-15 17:43:28

I pop DS' trainers in the airing cupboard too.

JumpandScore Sat 21-Nov-15 17:43:49

The "correct" answer is under the outside tap with a stiff brush, but I do as you do.

Are they road or trail shoes? I think you're "safer" with trail shoes as they don't have the cushioning that road shoes do, so the cushioning can't be damaged IYSWIM.

I put my cross country shoes through on a cold wash with no detergent, so they're effectively being rinsed, not washed. Detergent will damage the glue. Leaving them muddy will make them rot <voice of experience blush >

SoWhite Sat 21-Nov-15 17:44:40

Window cleaner is the ultimate product for cleaning trainers.

JumpandScore Sat 21-Nov-15 17:44:59

You should have more than one pair if you're running consecutive days anyway, to let the cushioning regain it's bounce.

ThatsNiceDear Sat 21-Nov-15 18:02:31

Thanks for all the advice. They are 'city trail' ones, so they do have a little bit of cushioning. I never thought of the airing cupboard - I have been known to put trainers on the radiator though!

BlueChampagne Sat 21-Nov-15 21:51:30

Definitely 2 pairs! Mine never go in the wash or on the radiator (sometimes underneath it). Once the mud is dry it will drop out as soon as you wear them again, esp if trail shoes.

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