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Help: need running knickers & stress incontinence liners that don't chafe!!

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satine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:06:08

I'm training for the London marathon and I'm up to 10 mile runs but I can't find size 14/16 knickers and some kind of panty liner that won't chafe! Too worried about stress incontinence to go with nothing! Would be grateful for any advice! Thank you x

Waitingfordolly Sun 15-Nov-15 19:13:05

Can't advise about knickers etc. But I've always found wearing a tampon stops the stress incontinence. I got the tip off Runners' World boards.

satine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:16:33

Hi, Waiting. I do sometimes wear tampons, but they don't stop the stress incontinence, as that comes out of a different - ahem - hole!! I could just say to hell with it and wear black leggings but it's not ideal.
Bloody children, they do wreck you, don't they?!!! smile

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:17:52

Can you fix the stress incontinence? Support via a pessary (or tampon) when you are running will help, but you really needto work on your pelvic floor strength (assuming that is the issue) or you may make things worse.

satine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:22:22

I've been to a specialist physio who said that my pelvic floor is really good but that my general be dines means I have v elastic ligaments so the cradle holding the whole pelvic floor bounces when I run. I could have a TVT procedure but I figure the risk of something going wrong is not worth the inconvenience of slight s.i. It's not an awful problem but just enough to make me a little self- concious.

satine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:23:07

Tsk be dines = bendy-ness

satine Sun 15-Nov-15 19:24:32

Actually the physio' advice was "why not swim? Or do Pilates?" Which wasn't tremendously helpful as I have a place for 2016!!

bonzo77 Sun 15-Nov-15 19:29:10

Have a look at the moon cup threads. I'm sure runners have said that the moon cup puts some pressure on something via the vaginal wall which helps stop you weeing.

KittyandTeal Sun 15-Nov-15 19:37:37

Personally, depending on how bad it is, I'd just go for black leggings and ride it out. If it's just a bit it's not going to be more smelly than the rest of you after 10 miles then kits will go straight in the wash anyway

Waitingfordolly Sun 15-Nov-15 19:57:34

That's a shame the tampon worked for me. I read too that it was something to do with pressure on vaginal wall. I had problems at the end of one race but I don't think anyone but me noticed (dark leggings) but I can't remember whether it chafed. It was unpleasant though. Had to use baby wipes in portaloo afterwards and change immediately. Hope you sort it out.

satine Sun 15-Nov-15 20:06:34

Thank you for all your advice. I will certainly try wearing my mooncup (am an old timer on MN so have had one for years!).

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 15-Nov-15 20:14:51

The physio does have a point though, you are risking making things a lot worse by running, especially if you do have elastic ligaments. Low impact exercise such as swimming is a lot safer for the pelvic region. Using a tampon when it's not your period is one way of supporting the vaginal walls, but if you are removing it and it's still dry then the downward dragging is not good for them.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 15-Nov-15 20:16:53

I should add that I took up running with a very mild prolapse that was causing no symptoms other than mild stress incontinence and within a year I was a surgery case. I'm not risking that again so I no longer run apart from very short bursts with the DCs etc.

Pippioddstocking Sun 15-Nov-15 22:43:03

I've found the ' Always" brand of incontinence pads to be chafe free - Tenna on the other hand are chafetastic !

Bolshybookworm Thu 19-Nov-15 11:55:55

Sorry, jumping in to this thread, but what exercise do you do instead of running WhoKnows? I have been running for the past year (just 4K, 2x a week) but now have a rectal prolapse (although I think this is from constipation rather than running blush). I'm a bit scared about running now but desperate to maintain some level of fitness. I can't swim as the chlorine in most pools gives me cystitis. What's a good form of exersize to do if you have a prolapse? Feeling a bit down about it TBH.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 19-Nov-15 13:18:40

Cycling is good Bolshy, but you need to try and avoid standing on the pedals as that puts pressure on the pelvic floor. Power walking is also fine as it's much lower impact. If you really want to run, running in grass is better than hard surfaces. It might be worth asking your GP for a referral to a woman's health physio who can offer tailored advice. Also google Michelle Kenway, an Aussie pelvic physio, her blog has lots of great advice on pelvic floor safe exercising.

Jenga2703 Thu 19-Nov-15 14:08:04

Hey - just thought I'd mention you could always get some DiaryDoll pants? They've a waterproof panel to stop minor leaks & if it's only a little bit should be perfect? I use them for periods, but they'd work just the same for stress incontinence I'd guess - the site says they do. They look just like normal pants, so perfect for under leggings etc, as it doesn't look bulky like a nappy.

Bolshybookworm Thu 19-Nov-15 17:33:07

Thanks whoknows, that's brilliant. Cycling might be the way forward. I will go to the gp, just need to find a way to go without the kids in case they do an exam wink

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 19-Nov-15 22:32:22

You're welcome Bolshy. It is all a bit depressing, but there are ways forward. I swim intermittently, but I have eczema, am extremely shortsighted and the chlorine trashes my hair so it's not the best thing for me to do regularly. I cycle a bit, unfortunately I don't have any scope to cycle to work (too far) or school run (too near), so that is intermittent too. I do walk a lot though. Oh and I also dance, tap and ballet, although I try and minimise jumping.

Bolshybookworm Thu 19-Nov-15 22:35:02

Yeah, running is just so easy to fit around kids, work etc sad

MrsMook Sat 21-Nov-15 00:26:54

I've got some pants from Decathlon which are quick drying and close fitting which means that pads don't move to chaff.

I use Tenna or washable pant liners depending on what I'm doing.

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