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Did boot camp on Wednesday-can't walk!!

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missy111 Fri 13-Nov-15 07:05:26

Thought I was unfit but not really unfit. Loved bootcamp, but today my thighs are killing..walking downstairs took a lot of energy!
What can I do to ease the stiffness? Next session is tonight.


lavazzzalover Fri 13-Nov-15 07:15:12

day 2 is always worse. personally I wouldn't ho tonight. you won't enjoy it nit get the best out of it.

Some believe Epson salts ease sore muscles. but they do nothing for me.

travellinglighter Fri 13-Nov-15 07:18:48

The next session may loosen the muscles.

antimatter Fri 13-Nov-15 16:45:18

you always need to do cooling down and stretching too.

the more you stretch the less chances for stiffness on the next day

missy111 Fri 13-Nov-15 17:31:01

Thanks all!! I did do all the stretching. Next session is tonight-hope its a bit easier!!

ivykaty44 Sun 15-Nov-15 20:42:21

Take tablets to ease muscle, warm water andsmelly rub on unbroken skin

ThatsNiceDear Sun 15-Nov-15 21:44:20

Well done on working through it. What is bootcamp?

Here are some tips for the aches:

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