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Weights sets - those power block type things

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OneHandFlapping Thu 05-Nov-15 17:54:10

Has anyone seen a reasonably priced set of these? The instructor was using them on fitness blender, and they looked so easy to use - flick, flick and it's 5kg for biceps, another flick, and it's 20 kg for squats.

However, they seem very expensive - a lot of set were over £200.

lorelei9 Thu 05-Nov-15 17:59:03

I'm impressed you saw them at around £200 tbh - I've seen them at much more than that! May I ask where you were looking?

sorry to be unhelpful.

OneHandFlapping Thu 05-Nov-15 22:31:56

I was looking on Amazon, and tbh I don't know quite what I was looking at- you'll probably find they were only small sets or light weights or something.

lorelei9 Fri 06-Nov-15 00:39:57

There's a review from one chap saying he's 80 and still weight training 3 X a week. Love it!

Keep an eye on eBay maybe. I had only looked at Powerhouse, other sports places. These would be so handy esp in my small flat. My sis is after adjustable kettle bells, also v pricey.

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