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Exercises for posture

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Maplessglobe Sun 01-Nov-15 14:59:49

Hi all
I do a fair bit of pilates, run and do HIIT. Since having DC3, I am mostly exercising at home except for the early morning runs 3x a week when DC3 hasn't woken me up 15 times
This pregnancy was hard on me and I've noticed my posture is much worse than it used to be. I'm doing my pilates practice at home as I used to (can't get to classes at the moment) using Brooke siler's cds as a prompt. This has been great for general toning. However, my posture is still poor- mostly that my shoulders slump forward. My core is okish. I'm also a big fan of the back in shape dvds for back pain and while they do help with pain, I haven't found that they are helping my posture either.
When I notice my shoulders are slumped forward, then I correct, but it just seems like a constant effort. I want to get back to naturally standing tall.
Can anyone recommend any home workouts thst could help me?

TowardYoga Mon 23-Nov-15 22:03:51

Hi Tia, it sounds as if your core and back are 'sleeping'. I'd recommend one or two 1:1 yoga sessions to imprint good posture on your body, then you can keep up the practise at home. Find a teacher you 'click' with and check they are well qualified x

BlueChampagne Sat 28-Nov-15 23:03:15

This may not be practical, but horse riding is great for posture and core strength.

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