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15/20 min daily routine - what's yours?

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Jungfraujoch Wed 21-Oct-15 14:39:47

Can anyone point me in the direction of a routine I can do daily and gradually get back to better fitness? Couple of years ago I was in the gym 3/4 times a week, personal trainer, cardio, weights, kick boxing the lot. Now I do a bit of walking and Pilates once a week. I really need to get moving again but not interested in going back to the gym.

I think if I can get going with something at home then it will motivate me to do more!!


holeinmyheart Wed 21-Oct-15 20:14:54

Get a Fitbit. You can then see how much exercise you have done during the day.
Plot a walk nearby your house and time how long it takes to go around it.
I walk three miles every morning before breakfast. I walk at a really brisk pace along the canal etc. I like the route to be the same and I can see how I have improved.
If you have stairs in your house you can go up and down.
The latest research into exercise says that you should use weights. However you should not perform jerky exercises, but do them very slowly for maximum results. I have two three pound weights. I use them on my feet and wrists.
There are loads of exercise videos with weights on utube. Take your pick.

carrie74 Mon 26-Oct-15 11:39:30

30 day shred is 20 mins, designed to be done daily.

Or have a look at Fitness Blender.

I do a lot of exercise at home, and have 1, 3 and 5k hand weights and a mat which is plenty.

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