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Led Mills Grit. not sure it's that great tbh.

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megletthesecond Mon 19-Oct-15 13:42:53

I've just had a trial session of Grit Cardio with our instructor. The exercises themselves aren't anything special (skater jumps, push ups, left and right leg hope, etc....) , they're just mixed up. But we have to count our own exercises. So it was 2 x lunges, 1 x squat jump, 4 x lunges, 2 x squat jumps, 6 x lunges.... etc and so on up to a minute. Then we had to count ourselves back down.

Then there were 3 x 2 min rounds of 5 jumps, 10 push ups and 15 squats. I can't be expected to concentrate on my form, count what number I'm on and remember what exercise is next blush. Pah. Because we all had to do it at our own speed it felt really disjointed.

Much prefer bootcamp, at least you know you're doing 1 min / 30 seconds or Pump where we do sets of 16 or 8. Or just doing something until the instructor bellows "CHANGE!" at us. And in those classes you can take it at your own pace, they just feel more organised.

I hate not enjoying workouts <<humphff>>

cheerup Thu 22-Oct-15 20:45:16

I love Grit Strength but as with all classes it's a lot about the instructor. Grit is supposed to be a small class and at my gym it's a (small) chargeable extra as its a max class size of six. Generally it's two to three to a class and we're all around the same quite high level of fitness so tend to keep time with each other. As there are so few of us the instructor is able to look at our form and correct us where needed as well as encouraging us to go that bit harder. I love it because it makes me push myself more than I do in pump, attack etc.

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