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Prenatal Pilates in central London? Zone 1

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Heselbump Fri 16-Oct-15 10:25:58

Hi everybody

Hoping you can help - I'd love to start prenatal Pilates (I'm 15weeks, with a sore back already) but work in central London, near Oxford Circus on Great Portland Street and never make it back home in time for local classes. Does anyone know anywhere in zone 1 they'd recommend? Ideally a group class that's not super expensive? Doesn't have to be Oxford Circus; Victoria? Waterloo? London Bridge?

Thanks for helping! Xx

Maplessglobe Sun 18-Oct-15 13:19:01

Hi there
Maybe give body control pilates a go? More like Bloomsbury but could work depending on where you have to go home to. I used to do general classes there and they were good.
Good luck, I found it hard to find a good prenatal class that worked with my timetable. But it's probably much more feasible than a postnatal class my baby screamed the whole way through. Probably better off concentrating on your home practice for the postnatal period if you have a baby like mine!

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