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Trail running shoes for Cross Country ?

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Oxfordblue Tue 13-Oct-15 14:32:49

Anyone wear them ? Do you recommend them ?

A running club I may join recommends them for all the grass work they do, but my DD, who currently does middle distance, wears spikes. All well & good until you hit concrete/hard surface.

GeekLove Tue 13-Oct-15 14:47:34

I really want trainers for cross country as I do obstacle course runs. Sorrt I haven't much to add here.

emummy Tue 13-Oct-15 15:38:12

Dd wears spikes for cross country but the race organizers have said trail shoes would also do. I am considering doing some xc this year, will just wear my salomons if I do.

User543212345 Tue 13-Oct-15 15:48:34

I have these for trail running/cross country racing. DH has these and we've found mine do a little better in not picking up as much mud and therefore retaining grip if it's wet and muddy underfoot. DH can sometimes end up skating all over the place if it's really boggy and effectively having slick soles.

For adventure/obstacle racing I've just picked up (well, got for my birthday, best present ever!) a pair of these and they are fantastic. Really light, the spacing between the studs on the bottom mean you don't end up with loads of mud in the treads after wading through bogs and the gaitered top keeps a significant amount of crap out of them. I used to obstacle race in my peregrines and did OK but these are so much better! I don't think they'd be great for pure cross country though as they're not very cushioned and aren't as good as the peregrines when not in deep mud.

celtiethree Tue 13-Oct-15 15:56:41

I have the same saucony ones that Sweary has linked to. I'd recommend then, I use them for training and have also used them in longer obstacle/off road races and they have been great!

Oxfordblue Wed 14-Oct-15 14:56:24

Thanks for the replies. I think I need some grin Is there anything, other than price, I should look out for ?

Do they provide much cushioning, neutral, pronating all that stuff ?

I wonder if I should get DD some....

emummy which age does your dd compete in ? Mine is u13 & running this weekend. I'll be packing her off with a variety of spikes !

User543212345 Wed 14-Oct-15 15:02:44

You definitely need appropriate footwear for the task. Although as someone who has almost as many exercise shoes as real shoes (and I have a lot of shoes) you might not want to listen to me on this.

Trail shoes tend to be neutral rather than support or motion control because the terrain underfoot is going to be so uneven the support in the midsole of a shoe will be negated, and all you're doing is adding weight. Depending on how muddy you're going you might want to consider a stitched in tongue - my Saucony Peregrines have this, DH's Brooks don't and when we've been splashing through streams/very muddy puddles he always ends up with more crap in his shoes than I do. Always. And that lends itself to blisters/rubbing. You do get reasonable cushioning though, but not in the same way as a road shoe as you don't need as much because the surface underfoot isn't as hard.

Oxfordblue Wed 14-Oct-15 17:07:17

Thank you - I think I may pop to Decathlon in the morning ??

Don't think I'm bothered about stitched in tongues, because not sure I'll be purposely going through puddles & proper muddy races aren't my thing. Although I do run Parkrun in the rain.

Also need a head torch, some hi-viz stuff & a top layer that will keep me warm but not hot.

User543212345 Wed 14-Oct-15 18:02:40

Do you have an Aldi near you? Their running kit (v good quality) is in tomorrow in the central aisle of tat.

Oxfordblue Thu 15-Oct-15 22:04:00

Yep...been there today hi-viz gilet, neck warmer & couple of tops grin

standingonlego Mon 19-Oct-15 20:32:51

I recently bought some Brooke's cascadia 10s. Really pleased with them

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