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2016 challenges

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Sassybynature Fri 02-Oct-15 19:11:05

So, looking forward to next year. Does anyone have their eyes on completing a challenge? Inspire me with some ideas please. I had a look at Lake District challenge but would like more ideas, whether it is walking, running or anything else that might take your fancy.

MissFitt68 Fri 02-Oct-15 19:52:56

3 peaks challenge?
Half marathon
Full marathon?

I've done those over last 3 years. Considering a triathlon next year I think.

CMOTDibbler Fri 02-Oct-15 20:04:34

I'm planning on a marathon, and an olympic distance triathlon.
This year I've done some sprint triathlons and 50 mile cycle event, inc a fabulous closed road sportive.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 02-Oct-15 20:12:45

I'm planning to do Brighton marathon.

I'd love to do an ultra marathon but I don't think I have it in me. We saw the front runners at the South Downs 100 this year when we were out walking, I was agog. They were amazing, so fast considering they still had about 40 miles to go!

I'm quite slow so probably would never make he cut offs for something like that anyway.

Also on my bucket list is Beachy Head marathon and Three Forts marathon.

MissFitt68 Fri 02-Oct-15 21:37:47

What's a 'sportive'?

CMOTDibbler Fri 02-Oct-15 21:51:34

Sportives are mass participation cycle events which are technically non competitive, though you get a time, and there might be a finishing order published. Routes are signposted, and there are food stops.

There are also cycle events called Audax, which are generally longer. They don't have route signs, you just get a route sheet and have to sign in at control points. Very low key and cheap!

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Sun 18-Oct-15 20:26:34

Half marathon in sept/oct. In memory of my dad who recently lost his battle with cancer. Currently a non runner but previously done 5k. Big challenge for me. Starting with c25k but any other advice

TriJo Mon 19-Oct-15 12:22:49

Be able to do a triathlon again by the end of the season - baby is due in March so being able to get around a sprint by around August/September would be nice!

KeyserSophie Mon 19-Oct-15 13:44:35

I've entered Race to the Stones, the 100k non-stop category. I'm really excited about it. It looks like a gorgeous route. I don't live in the UK so haven't raced on "home turf" since 2008.

I also want to get PBs in a couple of 50k trail races that I did earlier this year, so I'll do the same race in Feb/Mar next year and try to go faster.

custardcreamdreams Mon 19-Oct-15 14:02:55

I have three half marathons lined up in my head for 2016 to try and beat the time of the first one I did this year. Dsis is trying to talk me into Tough Mudder too as I did a mud ocr this year. Want to concentrate on strength next year so 2017 will hopefully bring a marathon. Well ahead of myself but helps to have goals I think.

lastqueenofscotland Sun 25-Oct-15 17:13:22

Sub 3:45 marathon is the plan, dream land 3:30

going to try and do four so fingers crossed!

Mrsbennington Sun 25-Oct-15 22:07:47

Brighton Marathon

Not entered anything else yet but have a couple of other marathons and lots of shorter races planned.

KeyserSophie Sun 25-Oct-15 23:43:12

lasqueen You probably know this already but Berlin or Amsterdam are great courses for a fast marathon because v flat course plus "big" marathon atmosphere.

Imbroglio Wed 28-Oct-15 23:13:32

Another Brighton entry here. Goal is to complete it faster than last year. Training already underway.

MumOnTheRunAgain Wed 28-Oct-15 23:32:09

3 half marathons in 3 months is my challenge for next year!

Silverstone/reading/Milton Keynes March/April/may

lastqueenofscotland Thu 29-Oct-15 07:13:05

I have Berlin on the maybe list keyser!

As of November as that's basically 6 months (well 5 months and three weeks) till London I will be a real bore for the next 12 months. Going to throw the kitchen sink at it. And probably get injured. I'm comfortably at 16 miles already so hopefully that's a good base for the winter!

elDiabloEnMisZapatos Thu 19-Nov-15 10:46:36

lastqueen- you might also be interested in Valencia, very flat and fast (new course record was set last Sunday, 2:06:something) blue skies and palm trees all the way round, lots of free oranges at the end!

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