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Weighted squats are making my bum too big!

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bodenbiscuit Sun 20-Sep-15 19:22:25

And by big I don't mean really big but much more rounded and it won't fit into my usual sized jeans.

I've been doing Body Pump for about a year. I was very slim before. Now I'm still slim and I look leaner but my bum won't fit into my jeans!

I hate spin so I don't want to do that. Would Body Attack be better? And fewer Body Pump classes a week?

bodenbiscuit Sun 20-Sep-15 19:22:51

My squat weight is 20kg

suzannecaravan Sun 20-Sep-15 21:20:21

Boden, a large bottom can only be an asset, surely?

bodenbiscuit Sun 20-Sep-15 21:22:58

Is it? But I can't wear the same dress size in jeans sad

suzannecaravan Sun 20-Sep-15 21:34:59

yes health wise the more muscle you have the better in many different ways, sounds like you have a slim midsection with well muscled legs & behind.
Whats not to like!

bodenbiscuit Sun 20-Sep-15 22:06:49

Yes that's right. I just wondered whether other body pumpers had noticed the but size difference - is itv just me??

MrsMook Sun 20-Sep-15 22:18:04

My gluteus is definitely a maximus! It doesn't matter what I do, toned, or wasting into unfit, it steadfastly remains a consistent size which dictates my clothes size (and makes a Simon Cowell deep waist essential). My waist has to put up with belts.

suzannecaravan Sun 20-Sep-15 23:50:31

people vary in how strongly they respond to resistance training, depending on things like muscle fibre type and biomechanics

it sounds as if you have a propensity for muscular hypertrophy in the gluteal area

wish I had the same problem!

RJnomaaaaaargh Sun 20-Sep-15 23:53:03

Squats are absolutely for building bum muscle but 20k? Really? Most of us have to lift much much more than that to build any muscle. Stealth boast?

bodenbiscuit Mon 21-Sep-15 09:07:29

Stealth boast? I don't think so. Can't you post anything on here these days without being accused of stealth boasting? I'm just saying I'm not comfortable having to wear bigger trousers!

And I do body pump which is supposed to be moderate weights with high repetition. I lift the same as the instructor for squats but I'm only 50kg anyway. If you're doing very targeted training I imagine you would build one muscle more quickLet but that wasn't what I wanted hence why I'm doing body pump.

PeaceOfWildThings Mon 21-Sep-15 09:10:16

Drop the weight down to 4-6 kg and try a variety of other exercises. Fitness blender videos on youtube are a great way to pick up new all round exercise routines.

bodenbiscuit Mon 21-Sep-15 09:19:15

Thanks - I am going to try body attack today and see how that goes. I gues my aim was to tighten my body up a but and lift my bottom but I wasn't expecting 'booty gains' grin

PeaceOfWildThings Mon 21-Sep-15 10:22:06

Pilates is also a greatvway to even out the muscle toning and gain strength.

SinglePringle Mon 21-Sep-15 10:30:22

I'm the same if I do too much spin and I've always been tall and slender so while I like having a toned arse, I don't want that 'she squats' sticky out look.

I have to balance it with swimming and Pilates.

CactusAnnie Mon 21-Sep-15 10:32:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CactusAnnie Mon 21-Sep-15 10:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bodenbiscuit Mon 21-Sep-15 12:11:22

Well you can be as sceptical as you like but what would be the point of me lying about the fact that my jeans are getting tight around my bum and if I turn sideways it looks noticeably much rounder?

I suppose everyone's different. Maybe some people do just build muscle more quickly than others? I did ballet to an advanced level into my late teens so perhaps that might be why. In any case as I said - it's not really the look I was after. I just wanted to tone up.

bodenbiscuit Mon 21-Sep-15 12:12:29

Yes a few people have said to me at the gym that spin made their thighs bigger than they wanted.

suzannecaravan Mon 21-Sep-15 15:10:32

Maybe some people do just build muscle more quickly than others?

there's no maybe about it

KittyandTeal Mon 21-Sep-15 15:16:13

I like the squat shape bum but mine never quite gets there.

I have found running has lifted and toned my bum quite a bit.

If you love pump (I do but no decent classes where I moved to) could you drop your weights right down for squats and lunges?

lighteningirl Mon 21-Sep-15 15:22:35

Taught body pump for twenty years and I dropped to 10k for squats didn't like the thickened waist I got with 20k

BlameItOnTheBogey Tue 22-Sep-15 02:51:14

I'm jealous. I squat with one and a half times my body weight but my bum just doesn't want to be a squat booty no matter what I do. You're super lucky to be able to build muscle like that.

lighteningirl Tue 22-Sep-15 08:09:01

Make sure you are pushing up thru your heels on the up phase (core engaged) then the back of the legs/glutes do the work I see loads of ppl squat pushing thru front/toes. Secondly lunges will build gluten more than squats again pushing up thru heels, all these jumping lunge tracks are great for cv not so much for muscle building.

lorelei9 Tue 22-Sep-15 08:22:01

my shoulders get too big if I'm not careful so I know what you mean.

I do work them still but with a lower weight. I mind less about shoulders than I would with a bum to be honest....if I were you I'd stop the weighted squats and stick with other sorts of exercise.

Northumberlandlass Tue 22-Sep-15 08:26:33

Of course people build muscle differently. I squat 30kg in Body pump and my arse has improved in shape but definitely hasn't got much bigger. My shoulders on the other hand look massive!

I would definitely drop weight & focus on technique. Are you doing new release with all wide squats? I'm really feeling that at the moment on my glutes

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