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Probike Retro anyone please?

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NoMoreMrRight Sun 16-Aug-15 22:56:35

I need to get a new bike and saw a lady riding this one the other day; she had a wicker basket on it and it looked really nice

I know nothing about bikes and it will be only used sporadically and on the road/pavements.... anything I need to look out for? I can spent a little more if it's worth it. I'm not very strong so something not too heavy would be great....

Thank you

gordonpym Mon 17-Aug-15 03:21:07

I have a very similar one. It's fine if you live in a very flat area. If you happen to have hills, it's a nightmare.
What about this one ?
Why why why don't we have a decathlon in Australia!

HarlettOScara Mon 17-Aug-15 07:15:57

Is be wary of buying one that you haven't had a chance to test. I've recently bought a bike if this style and I can tell you that many are incredibly heavy, the Elops being one of them. I bought a Dawes Duchess which was in rod the lightest and prettiest that I tried. Also, more gears are better so go for 6 or 7 if you can...many of these bikes only have 3 which can make hills a struggle.

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