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Any female boxers here?

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NoSnotAllowed Sun 16-Aug-15 21:36:37

I'd love to do some boxing training - for fitness and to learn something new. I have no interest in actually fighting in a ring but want to do some heavy bag work and learn proper techniques.

Can I go into a boxing gym and ask for help or will they laugh me out of the building? I can imagine it'd be quite an intimidating experience for a female to turn up at a boxing gym and ask for some help!! Anybody got any experience?

BlackHillsofDakota Mon 17-Aug-15 08:41:07

I kickbox at a boxing gym. It depends if you want to actually learn to box/ sparr or if you just want to do fitness. At my gym it's very much "this isn't a boxacise class" there is a ladies class and they don't make you spar but it is encouraged as boxing is a contact sport. I go to a mixed class and it's pretty sweaty but they are very welcoming and I never feel intimidated. I wouldn't actually fight but I do sparr and love it, it's very exhilarating! Go for it!

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