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Does your gym have virtual classes?

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Greenteandchives Wed 12-Aug-15 17:01:25

My gym has just started offering virtual classes using a computer programme which displays the instructors on a screen. We have to sign a disclaimer then are left to get on with the class. Seems to be a Les Mills thing. Does anyone else have these in their gym? What do you think of them?.

UsainWho Wed 12-Aug-15 17:07:59

My gym does Les Mills but never heard of that. I'd quite like it, I think, but I can see massive issues re. technique for pump. Now that I think more, is it not just like doing a home DVD really? My DH does sufferfest at home which is sort-of spinning, but he is disciplined enough to push himself whereas I would just turn it off half way through...!

Hellokitty105 Wed 12-Aug-15 17:09:10

I've heard of these but personally it sounds demotivating. When I do classes I feel a good instuctor can motivate me to push myself further whereas you could leave a virtual class without sweating and who would know, but that's just my opinion.

UsainWho Wed 12-Aug-15 17:24:47

Ah, ok, I see it is the warehouse gyms that are mostly offering them, the ones that don't really do many classes anyway and don't charge you enough to have proper Les Mills trained instructors. They're doing 30 min versions of stuff - how on earth can you have have 30 minute pump??!

Greenteandchives Wed 12-Aug-15 17:36:21

Usain my gym is certainly not a warehouse type, and not cheap. It has loads of regular classes and Les Mills instructors. These virtual classes have been added in to otherwise empty studio times. I have done express pump a few times after a treadmill session, or before another class. I just wondered how widespread they were.

UsainWho Wed 12-Aug-15 17:56:28

OK, didn't mean to offend! It was just that when I googled it was only pure gym that came up.

What can you manage to do in 30 mins of pump, we can only just do the 60 min pump in 60 mins? Also, what about your technique? Even those of us who go every week get corrected by the instructor, and encouraged onto heavier weights etc.

I agree it is good to full dead studio time but my gym doesn't really have any dead time between 6 and 9.30 pm, nor in the mornings.

Greenteandchives Wed 12-Aug-15 18:09:47

No offence taken! Mostly used to fill the afternoon previously dead space and to replace absent instructors. (cheaper...)or you can programme something in if the studio is empty and you fancy a workout.
Express pump gives you five tracks. There's also a 45 min pump which gives you six tracks. Loads of classes to chose from. Combat, Balance, Sh'bam etc. I agree about the motivation and technique though. Good to team up with others if possible.

TriJo Thu 13-Aug-15 10:52:17

There are Virtual Cycle classes in the spin studio at my gym - they have a video on of climbing a big hill and some music on.

I'd rather get on the turbo trainer at home and watch a football match tbh.

Ka1978 Tue 29-Dec-15 22:53:46

The gym that I go to only does the virtual classes and I was a bit sceptical at first but I've done some of the Les Mills ones, and I love them! I've done RPM (like spin), Body Combat and CX Worx (core) and have found that the instructors are all really motivating and, in my opinion, explain about technique etc. I was doubtful whether I would push myself as hard without an instructor present but really do!

DrivingMissLazy1 Sun 03-Jan-16 21:16:37

I've only done virtual spin classes. I quite like them as they are 30 minutes long and are on automatically every hour during the day. This suits me when I can't get to the "real" classes which are usually first thing in a morning or in an evening and usually require prebooking.

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