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C25k and palpitations?

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Kreeshsheesh Mon 10-Aug-15 13:15:50

I took up c25k (again!) and started at week 3 after a couple of months of doing nothing much. After completing my first 3 minute run, I was aware of having fluttering palpitations which lasted about a minute. I've had palpitations at rest before (they've been investigated and seem to be benign) I think they are generally caused by caffeine and/or anxiety.
My question is, did these palpitations perhaps happen because I over-exerted myself (well, hardly, I'm the slowest runner in the world and I'm not exactly fit!) and if I cut back to week 1/2 would this be okay? Has this happened to anyone else?
I should also say that I did the second 3 min run in the same session and felt ok.

gordonpym Tue 11-Aug-15 02:28:57

Heart palpitations and running are a red flag for me and I would go back to the GP and request an ECG under stress (exercise bike).
You say you had your palpitation checked, when was that and how long ago.

Maybe running isn't the best activity for you. Actually endurance running/long distance is very bad for the heart. So if you already have a condition, I would ditch running. Cycling might be a lot better for you.

Kreeshsheesh Tue 11-Aug-15 09:31:04

Thanks for the reply. It's never happened to me before during running. I had a heart study done at a cardiology dept last year to check for angina, etc, and was told it was fine, so don't think I have a condition. I did a treadmill test at the time and didn't experience palpitations typically. The only comment they made was that it took a while for my heart to return to normal, but isn't that a sign I need to get fitter? Surely running c25k is okay though? I'm not looking to do long distance, just to get fitter. I do like cycling as well so maybe I'll stick to that instead.

gordonpym Tue 11-Aug-15 21:27:12

Could you maybe buy a heart rate monitor and wear it during the training? And check how long it takes to get back under 100/120 after it. More than 15 minutes is another red flag.

What I want to say is don't ignore signals and if you experience it again, stop.

Did you feel hot when you experienced the palpitations? Was it hot or humid?

It is good that you want to get fitter. Just be sure to do it in the safest way.

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