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Playlist recommendations for a rocker?

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CremeDeSudo Thu 06-Aug-15 21:39:34

Not sure if this has been done before but I'm currently putting together my first running playlist and seeing as my favourite music is usually rock /alternative /grunge /indie, I'm struggling to find something suitable!

Any recommendations?

Rebell Yell seemed to work quite well earlier. I have the odd Beastie Boy/Fat Boy Slim track and a few random ones but any recommendations gratefully received!

ConcreteElephant Thu 06-Aug-15 21:50:40

Oh, I have a real mix to listen to on mine! Beastie Boys here too, AC/DC, Joy Division, Janes Addiction...

I find Head like a hole by NIN is a great one to run to.

Best of You by the Foos also good...
No rain by Blind Melon
I like anything that builds up and goes for it really...

Mind has gone blank now though - erk!

CremeDeSudo Fri 07-Aug-15 07:36:51

It's difficult to find suitable songs! There's a gap in the compilations market right there! Good call on nin and the foo fighters grin

GiantGaspingSatanicCyst Fri 07-Aug-15 07:44:56

Queens of the Stone Age? Go With The Flow and You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar are two brilliant 'surging' tracks.

PJ Harvey
Asobi Seksu
My Bloody Valentine
Dinosaur Jr
Sleigh Bells
Sonic Youth


CremeDeSudo Fri 07-Aug-15 09:16:55

Will have a look at some of those! Haven't heard of a couple..

differentkindofpenguin Fri 07-Aug-15 09:24:02

More metal than rock, but rammstein is my favourite exercise music

auldspinster Mon 10-Aug-15 09:22:09

The Fall are surprisingly good to run to.

FurryDogMother Mon 10-Aug-15 09:25:20

Shinedown - generally, but mostly 'Cut the Cord'.

CremeDeSudo Mon 10-Aug-15 19:43:41

More I haven't heard of..! quite like shinedown actually, thanks everyone grin

Pedestriana Mon 10-Aug-15 19:47:52

Some years ago I used to run at the gym (I've got knee problems so the treadmill was 'safer'). I used to listen to a lot of Queens of the Stone Age. My personal trainer was surprised at how 'running friendly' it was.

TriJo Tue 11-Aug-15 11:25:36

Rammstein, Slipknot, Lamb of God, old Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer etc - metalhead here smile

For a bit of reliving my lost youth at the gym though, the TFI Friday compilation album is actually very good - loads of late 90s rock and indie.

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