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Which Jillian DVD/combination for the fastest results?

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NotWorkingOut Sun 26-Jul-15 22:10:39

I'm wanting to lose a fair amount of fat and tone up before I need to bikini ready in just over a month. I'm already doing 2 yoga classes a week and usually 2/3 other classes too depending on when I can make it to the gym. I thought throwing in a morning dose of jillian can't do any harm?

I've got 30ds, nmtz and 6w6p. Which would potentially see the best results? Or should I just alternate every day?

I'm very bottom heavy atm and need to shift weight off my thighs, bum and belly!

sycamore54321 Mon 27-Jul-15 09:27:02

I love Jill, though I have only done her 30DS. I don't know the others. I will say though I think the best one for you is whichever one you are most likely to actually use. So the beauty of 30DS for me is that it is so short I have no excuse not to do it. Go at it hell for leather for 20 minutes and i definitely see results. However, I do find it more upper body strength than the areas you describe but this could be because this is my weakest area so I notice it more. If you are doing up to five classes a week, I think a short intense burst of Jill is the one I would be most likely to actually stick to, far easier to cheat and cry off if you have a 60 minute workout to do on top of your existing schedule.

NotWorkingOut Mon 27-Jul-15 11:40:24

Yea I stupidly ended up doing a 60m one this morning, which led to a mad panic getting ready for work! It was nmtz I did this morning and I really, really felt it in my shoulders. I guess the beauty of JM is that she does things that will work more than one area at once.

My poor bum's already killing me from body attack on Saturday!

mimishimmi Mon 27-Jul-15 11:48:34

I've had good results combining her workout DVD's. Lost just over a stone and bodyfat has gone from 32% to 20%. A typical week would be doing her Body Revolution DVD's along to her schedule and 6w6p on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Before we started Body Revolution we were doing the same with Ripped in 30, Shred with Weights etc. I just didn't like 30 day shred though (kept getting a shoulder injury every time I tried) so never went past Workout 2 with that.

NotWorkingOut Mon 27-Jul-15 13:28:18

Wow that body fat change is amazing, well done! I loved doing 30ds at first and it properly kicked my arse. I wonder what it'll be like now I'm fitter?!

I did used to struggle with the amount of jumping in it after 2 babies!

NotWorkingOut Wed 29-Jul-15 09:34:08

I'm so surprised, I did 30ds level 1 yesterday and wasn't absolutely knackered at the end! Going to skip to level 2 today I think, I'd rather be doing something that had me on my knees if it's only 20 mins!

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