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Sore Achilles

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Lagoonablue Sat 25-Jul-15 19:32:12

Ouch. Both of my Achilles are sore and stiff. In the morning I can hardly walk and have to shuffle. Been running since Jan, run 3 x a week around 4k each time. This problem has just started and is so sore. I do stretches before and after but it hasn't helped. Getting worried I might have to stop running now.

Any suggestions?

CadiM Sun 26-Jul-15 12:20:45

Have you had gait analysis? I developed Achilles tendonosis when I started walking long distances: ended up with a big nodule on one. I've got flat feet / hypermobility and getting trainers for over-pronation pretty much cured me. I also really stretch out on a step after I walk or run.

turdfairynomore Sun 26-Jul-15 12:28:01

I had one session with a physio which was quite painful but so helpful! And I looked like a real athlete with my physio tape on too! I'd hurt mine by running into the road after a kitten that I spotted!! No warm.up.No stretches. Just out of the car and away! I'm too old for that-but I rescued the kitten!

Lagoonablue Sun 26-Jul-15 12:33:18

Thanks. I see a physio about something else and will ask. I thought about gait analysis but am worried I will have to get super expensive trainers. Better than sore Achilles though I guess.

CadiM Sun 26-Jul-15 12:43:35

My trainers do average about £70-110 but I get lots of miles out of them. I also use "superfeet" insoles in them and my hill walking shoes: they're about £30 and last years and might be enough to convert "normal" trainers to more supportive ones. I'd still recommend gait analysis though.

NoahVale Sun 26-Jul-15 12:51:12

I have the same, particularly the left, since I went back to work after being off sick, so I thought it was my work shoes perhaps. or age

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