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C25k graduates. I need advice please....

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kerpob Thu 23-Jul-15 22:31:24

Hi my DD (13) and I completed C25k and did our graduation run on 4th July. Since then we've done three x 5k per week including parkruns on Saturdays. I need advice on a couple of things. Firstly we are finding it harder, if anything, over the past week. We are both feeling more tired earlier in the run and feel like we are struggling at times. I honestly thought it would be getting a little easier. Would it be a good idea to get a gait analysis? I'm wondering if the right shoes would help with stamina.

Secondly because we feel like we are struggling, our motivation is dented and it is feeling more and more like a chore to go out to run. I was hoping it would become more enjoyable as we got more comfortable but that is not happening. I don't want to give up now we've come so far. Any advice very welcome.

chutneypig Fri 24-Jul-15 06:44:17

I did get gait analysis done when I finished C25k as I was having some hip pain on one side. The new trainers I got to correct overpronating on one side did correct that but that was for a specific issue, but if either of you are having the odd niggle it may well be worth a go.

I've done a few parkruns since finishing and I'm not getting much faster. One thing I've found has both improve my time and enjoyment has been embracing walking breaks in the run. I actually time them in and it helps a lot.

Is it worth monitoring your pace somehow? I know looking at that that I am improving in terms of pace at the start of the run, even though it might feel tough it helps knowing it's because you're going faster. Or if you want to feel more comfortable running then it could help pare your pace back.

kerpob Fri 24-Jul-15 07:42:37

Our time is about 32 minutes for the parkruns so we're not fast. We do run the whole way rather than take a walking break. I think we will look at gait analysis as both are having niggly aches during the run and me, for a little while after. Lower back specifically. That's not helping ��. Thanks

suzannecanthecan Fri 24-Jul-15 08:15:31

I've been running for nearly a year, I still find it a struggle sometimes and don't feel as if I am making any progress but when I look at my running log I can see that, over the long term I have improved in terms of speed and distance.
At the risk of sounding simplistic my advice is just do it anyway ‎

kerpob Fri 24-Jul-15 12:08:59

What running log do you use suzanne?

suzannecanthecan Fri 24-Jul-15 14:05:26

I use sporttracks, and my own excel spreadsheet, but there are lots of apps you can use, I hear nike is good (?)

really find keeping a record very motivating, but look over the long term because it's pretty common to have a really great run/ session and then a few which just seem much harder.
You cant expect performance to always improve linearly, things are happening in your body that you cant see, all systems are changing and becoming more efficient.
Muscles, bones, tendons, lungs, heart, blood volume/pressure vascularity these and many other things all adapt at different rates

kerpob Fri 24-Jul-15 18:01:12

Yes that's true suzanne. Probably expecting too much of ourselves

BlueChampagne Fri 24-Jul-15 21:57:33

Running mojos are fickle things and can shy away from heat and cold. I try and do the miles without worrying about the time if weather is against me, and I use Mapmyrun (free).

BlueChampagne Fri 24-Jul-15 21:59:02

Definitely get right shoes. Cheaper than osteo/physio in the long run!

annandale Fri 24-Jul-15 22:04:11

I did parkrun once and quite enjoyed it but had to go faster than I wanted to as I was swept up by the broom wagon ( kind volunteer went round with me). Usually I run once a week, 3.5 to 5 k, and really enjoy it because I go entirely at my own pace. I think going at a pace that works for me is the biggest lesson of the c25k and the reason I have run more in the past year than in the rest of my 45 years. I've also done one event in beautiful countryside that was very motivating. I think 15k a week is a heck of a lot, why not relax a little and find a nice event to train for?

AppleSnapple Sat 25-Jul-15 10:12:13

Hi! I've suffered with this a bit too! Did c25k then a month later did my 1st race for life. Didn't manage it v fast- did 31 mins- but I did find in the time between finishing the c25k programme and the race, I dropped to 2 runs per week and I felt slower and a bit less fit because of it!!

Have been on only one (bad) run since the race (race was Sunday) and this morning felt I needed to change my tack... So I downloaded c210k app and started at week 9 (which is what they recommended for c25k graduates) and I had a brill 6.5k run this morning!

I think I need the app to motivate me and also today was 4 x 10 mins run/1 min walk and it just didn't feel insurmountable like it sometimes does at the start of a run!!

I often get aches or niggles but I can usually pin point it to different terrain, not warming down enough etc.

Am quite envious as I would love if there was a park run near me! As it is I have signed up for a 10k instead in November... Wish me luck! grin

kerpob Sun 26-Jul-15 10:39:44

We got the gait analysis done and happily I'm a neutral runner. I got new shoes as the previous shoes I had were children's (size 3 feet). I didn't run in them yesterday at the parkrun but will break them in gradually. I suppose I thought that if we reduced our times or distanc s it was a retrograde step but the bottom line is we're more likely to maintain something we enjoy. I had a but of a lightbulb moment in that I've been speaking to various Runners who have been doing it for a long time and they advised that everyone finds running difficult no matter whether you're one of those guys who can do the 5K well under 2o minutes or like me heading for the half hour mark and beyond. If it's not hard, you're not challenging yourself I suppose.

Well done Apple on aiming for the 10k! I think I'll leave that one for a while!

babybouncer Tue 28-Jul-15 12:04:23

I really missed Laura, so I uploaded the podcasts recommended - by AudioFuel called C25K+, free - where she talks you through 30 minute runs. I've found it really motivating because I really only have 30-40 mins to go for a run, so I go to a beginners jogging group once a week if I can, one 30min run to my music and one of these podcasts, and the variety helps.

Also, I got a Garmin watch to track my run and use Strava (free app) to track my progress. This is great because it shows me that sometimes when a run feels crap, it was actually really because I improved my average time, or did a big hill faster than I have before etc..

Saz12 Tue 28-Jul-15 21:20:23

I think adding some variety would really help!
Try to find new routes. Maybe gradually increase the distance on one run per week, to let you explore a new area (with walking break if necessary!).
How about doing one interval session a week? I find it really gruelling but not dull.

steppemum Tue 28-Jul-15 21:32:04

I did couch to 5K using a running app. I started in April and did 5km in June.
Since then I have run 2-3 times per week.

I am very slow, I do parkrun in 40 minutes (but run every step). My dh suggested that I increased my distance if I want to improve.

So I found a new route and ran 6km, and then 7km. I have run quite a few 7km now, and it has got easier, and my parkrun time is improving, it goes down by 30 seconds each time I do it (not every week). Hopefully under the 40 minutes this saturday!

Today I ran 8.4 km, and it feels amazing to be able to do that.

So I suggest you set some new goals, either increase the distance, or try and increase the pace.
Dh also suggested doing intervals in the last km. So you run faster for 1 minute, then back to normal running for a minute. I could only do 2 repetitions before I just died!

I have also plotted new routes with hills for example.

I use the runkeeper app. It talks to me once a minute as I run, so I have a sense of where I am and how I am doing. Without it I would just stop when I got tired!

officelady Tue 28-Jul-15 21:34:32

If you are comfortable with running 3x per week, why not try 1x Parkrun, 1x short, faster run (eg 2-3 k but at a slightly faster pace) and 1x longer, slower run (eg 6-7 k at a very comfortable slow pace). You will build up distance endurance so the Parkrun will feel more manageable and you will gradually improve your speed too.

kerpob Wed 29-Jul-15 16:22:21

Great ideas re introducing more variety. I will look into your app recommendations too. Thanks!

Kasterborous Thu 30-Jul-15 21:33:40

I graduated from the C25K last May. I run around four miles (6.4K) three times a week now. I still have runs that are really hard, it just happens like that. I think as well - and I certainly found this - is once you've finished the c25K you think 'was that it' and it leaves you a bit without something to focus on. I just try to increase my distance and speed now. I did my first 10K race in March and I've got another one in October. It gives me something to aim for which helps a lot.

MrsMook Sat 08-Aug-15 22:12:13

I've normally got a goal, I need the big picture to keep me going sometimes. Sometimes I'll be focusing more on speed, and other times distance. Since completing C25k 15 months ago, I've done an 8 mile race twice, a half marathon and a 10k. Current goal is HM again. I like the C25k + tracks too. They're good at doing the motivation for me when my mojo is playing up. I like variation, but tend to play by ear a bit anyway.

KanyesVest Sat 08-Aug-15 22:23:44

I did the C25K and have since got up to 10k but I've found increasing distance and changing routes has helped, even though I'm still very slow. I use RunKeeper which I find great. One other thing is the importance of rest... Try doing something other than running for a week and you'll bounce your first run back!

BlueChampagne Sat 08-Aug-15 22:58:07

Warmer weather doesn't help. Keep at it. Don't increase long run by more than 10% per week. May seem painful but helps prevent injury.

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