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First Zumba class tomorrow, promise me that it doesn't matter if you can't dance?

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MrsBertMacklin Thu 02-Jul-15 21:37:15

Seriously - can. not. dance. But keep reading about how fun it is and how a lack of coordination / knowledge about how to move your hips isn't a hindrance..?

SwingingBalls Thu 02-Jul-15 21:46:30

I do Sha'bam which is a version of Zumba. I can't dance but I give it a go whilst hiding at the back with everyone else that can't dance either. I haven't witnessed any pitying looks from anyone smile

Justwhy Thu 02-Jul-15 21:50:22

I got dragged by my friend. I was sporty but DO NOT DANCE. Never have. It took me a good two months I would say to get it. I absolutely love it now. I am obsessed. I Zumba all round the house, everywhere.

I started at the back and just did everything at my own speed. Often stopping to watch a move before joining in the next time. You do not want to meet me on a day that I have had to miss Zumba!

MrsBertMacklin Thu 02-Jul-15 22:02:28

Ah, thanks. Not worried about looks, more about crashing into other people / not getting the benefit of it if I'm spending half the time being bewildered!

mintpoppet Sat 04-Jul-15 18:49:47

Sorry to put a dampener on it but I can't dance and hated it. I could keep up. I was going left when everyone else was jumping or going right when everyone was turning. I spent an hour nearly crying. Just couldn't do it!

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