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Cycling - B'Twin City bike or something else?

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QueefOfTheSporned Sat 27-Jun-15 09:32:07

I'm very much an occasional, leisure cyclist. I have a hybrid (cannot recall the brand) but I've never really liked it as its quite uncomfortable which puts me off using it as much as I'd like to.

I'm currently on holiday in Spain and we hired bikes fir tootling around the local area. Mine is a B'Twin Elops 300 (Dutch style) city bike and I like it so much more than my bike a home. While it fees like a heavier bike, it doesn't feel heavy to pedal and It's very comfortable. I think the more upright position is better for me. I'm thinking of trading my bike in for this or something similar when I get home.

The only niggle with the B'Twin is that it only had 6 gears and I'm used to 21 so it fees to me like I need additional gears, especially on hills.

Is there other brands I should be looking at? Something like this type of B'Twin but with more gears? Or would I get used to operating with 6. I am, admittedly, lazy so tend to avoid hilly terrain whenever possible anyway.

The B'Twin seems very affordable but I am prepared to spend a little more for the right bike (maybe £300 ish).

Any thoughts/advice/recommendations would be much appreciated.

Inkspellme Sat 27-Jun-15 21:42:30

I'd look around a bit more if I were you. you now know what style of bike you would prefer but I would think that the lack of range of gears is a big deal. there is probably a bike with similar styling but a better range of gears.

SongToTheMoon Sat 27-Jun-15 22:01:36

I would look on Evan's website, as well as Halfords and Decathlon, and look at the hybrids on there. There are masses to choose from and with the technology becoming so advanced and common the prices are tumbling by the week.
A double chain ring will be fine - no hills means no need for triple chain rings.

£300 should get you something decent. Good luck.

Local bike shops - good for after sales and advice, but can't compete with big stores for discounts on new bikes, generally. But you may strike lucky.

QueefOfTheSporned Sat 27-Jun-15 23:00:36

Thanks. I went to a local independent last time as I was inexplicably wary of the big chains. The staff were helpful and I don't doubt they recommended the most suitable bike for me from their range but it's just that their range of the suitable bikes wasn't extensive...and I was fairly clueless, thinking all bikes are much of a muchness.

There's a Halfords and a Decathlon near me so I'll go and do some research when I get home.

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