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Shred - fitting it in

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PassTheCremeEggs Thu 25-Jun-15 22:29:34

Ok I know that sounds ridiculous as it's only 20 mins a day! But I have an 18 month old, a three year old and I work. So realistically it has to be after the kids' bedtime (7pm). I have just tried the first session (started at 9.30pm..!) and really enjoyed it. But I suspect working out this late isn't a great idea. So - do I put kids to bed, do it and then eat straight away, or eat at 7 (as we normally do) and then do it at 9pm. Basically is it ok to eat dinner straight after doing it? Seems a bit wrong somehow!

(I'm relatively fit but a total gym/organised exercise phobe so know sod all about this stuff.)

MissShunImpossible Fri 26-Jun-15 08:41:05

I definitely wouldn't eat straight before (barf risk!).

I don't think it's so terrible to start at 9.30, so long as it's not stopping you sleep.

FWIW, when mine were that age, I would always do it first thing. I don't know how early you have to get up anyway, but it worked for me - up 5.45, exercising by 6 (running in my case), back, shower, eat, and DD2 in nursery for 8am and me on a train shortly after. If the alarm had gone off, I couldn't back out of it! But I am a morning person too, that probably made a difference.

PassTheCremeEggs Fri 26-Jun-15 14:03:11

I'm a dreadful morning person and definitely know my limits and exercising at 6am is absolutely one of them! I applaud your motivation smile

I think I'll go with after kids' bedtime and before supper.

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