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Protein shakes

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BlankXpression Thu 25-Jun-15 11:57:51

Hi all. I've been doing a weights programme for some time now and have been having a protein shake after my workouts.

Two questions for anyone else that uses them:

I've got a whey protein powder in vanilla flavour, and its absolutely foul. I've tried it with milk, milk & banana, just water. Its so rank I have to hold my nose and gulp it down. Is there a protein shake that isn't disgusting?!

Also, what is the difference in all these different shakes and powders? i just got one on offer at H&B...


LordEmsworth Thu 25-Jun-15 15:59:35

I use two sorts. I buy from my, as H&B are fine but not the best quality you can get.

Mostly, post-weights sessions, I have a shake made up of unflavoured whey, skim milk and a teaspoon cocoa for flavour, whizzed in the blender. Sometimes I add a spoon of nut butter and/or use nut milk. It is yummy, and no sweeteners. Whey is quick absorption so good for recovery post exercise.

Sometimes if my protein intake for the day is low, I will have a casein shake before bed. Casein is slow absorption so good for pre-bedtime. However it tastes foul. I just have unflavoured, in water, and brush my teeth immediately afterwards!

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