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Basic runners watch

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naturalbaby Wed 24-Jun-15 12:30:53

I used to run with a group and a few people had watches that would beep every time they clocked up a km or mile. Can anyone recommend something basic that does that? I don't want lap counters, calories or HR monitors or any other fancy features, just a basic watch for less than £50 so I can see the time and keep an idea of how far I've run. I use Strava on my phone but it's in a waist pouch or on my arm so I can't keep an eye on the time or distance.

HelenF350 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:36:46

I have one of these. Slightly over budget but I love mine.

Saz12 Thu 25-Jun-15 21:19:44

I've a Garmin 10, too! It does speed, distance (and time), it'll beep after every km and tell you how fast you did it in (or on my case, how slowly!). You can set it to intervals (ie x mins walking/y mins running), or a target pace.
It's very, VERY simple to use, and waterproof.
You can go online and tell it what you've done - ie running, cycling, whatever -so it'll keep track of your progress in each activity separately. It also pops out a map showing where you've been.

Over budget though - around £80 seems the average.

HelenF350 Fri 26-Jun-15 19:09:05

Aldi are doing a gps watch for £59 from 28th June also. Don't know if it will be good but their electronics generally are and have a 3 year guarantee.

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