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AMcoffeeLover Fri 12-Jun-15 12:39:01

I tried a class last night.......and now I can't move! Getting off the loo took 20mins and a painkiller!
It was a beginners class as well. I thought I was fit (part time dancer, own a horse and like running and hiking. And I work with full of energy children)
The pain is worse than when I climbed Snowdon.
Its really put me off but I've paid for 5 more classes (she wanted all money in before the first class started). Do I tell her how much pain I'm in and hope she goes easy on me? Ask for a refund as if she'd have run a taster session I'd not have joined? Or suck it up and carry on?
I'm not joking about how bad it is - my boss has sent me home in a taxi!

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