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Runners - how do you drink on long runs?

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OrangeSunset Wed 10-Jun-15 11:54:11

Training for a marathon (eek) and the long runs are starting to ramp up.
I used to have a fabulous Camelbak that sat round my hips, but the reservoir went mouldy and they don't make them anymore.
I have a small bottle with the hand grip but it's annoying to run with, annoying to drink from and very small.

What do people find useful? I'm going to be training over the summer months so will need plenty of fluids but don't want to spend mega-bucks either. Help! smile

InstitutionCode Wed 10-Jun-15 12:01:38

My advice is usually counter to everyone else on these thread, but I don't actually think it's necessary to drink that much. Enough, yes, but you don't need to carry a litre with you.

I have some run routes around local countryside and pass a toilet blocks with a drinking water tap approx. every 10 miles. That's enough IMO

pootlebug Wed 10-Jun-15 12:52:11

I have one of these which is fine for anything up to around 20-25km so long as I'm well hydrated before I go and rehydrate on return. For anything less than about 15km I don't bother.

Can you stash a bottle of water somewhere en route and do a circular route back past it part-way through?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 10-Jun-15 13:00:20

I use a camelbak. I bought the ultra marathoner one which sits high on my bike and is very comfortable. It wasn't cheap but I'm very pleased with it.

i can't run holding anything in my hands lie, a bottle, it upsets my rhythm.

BlueChampagne Wed 10-Jun-15 13:00:42

I have a belt with room for a 500ml bottle which suffices for HMs. Agree with being well hydrated beforehand and not needing to drink litres en route.

Can't run and drink, mind. Excuse for a walking break!

TriJo Wed 10-Jun-15 14:31:20

Stick a fiver in my phone case and buy water along the way. I hate carrying it, used to have a water belt when I was training for my first marathon but it always rode up and it got really annoying. I also hate carrying bottles, at least if I've just bought a bottle en route I can bin it when it's done.

OrangeSunset Wed 10-Jun-15 18:31:45

Thanks, think I might have to save up for another Camelbak!

Its pretty rural round here, so although I could plan a route to run past a shop, i might have to carry it for miles before I found a bin!

Anglaise1 Thu 11-Jun-15 20:43:01

In the summer when it's hot you need to drink more- I did my marathon training in the winter so it was less important. I have a belt with 2 smaller bottles which I find easier to carry (less chafing) than one larger bottle. I only ever need to drink when running 2 hours or more and sometimes plan a route which means I can stop off at home to drink before carrying on. Or hide a bottle on the route somewhere.

MrsMook Thu 11-Jun-15 23:08:37

I have a belt with two 300 ml bottles that was handy for 1-2 hr runs for HM training.

Apparently holding the bottle for long distances is bad for unbalancing your gait. I have one that I only tend to use on short hot runs which isn't very frequent.

Pippioddstocking Thu 11-Jun-15 23:15:03

I have a bum bag thing that goes around my waist and it can carry a 350 ml bottle . That will last a 2 hour run on a really hot day . Anything longer than 2 hours and I buy something else / pop into a coffee shop or pub and ask for water en route .
I try and run v early or late though so not too hot and then I don't need to carry much .

HelenF350 Fri 12-Jun-15 00:00:42

I have the same bottle belt as pootlebug. It's very comfortable to wear and easy to get the bottles out while on the move.

iwantgin Fri 12-Jun-15 06:31:32

I have this

Best one I've used. Can fit all sorts in without it jiggling whilst moving.

I like to drink if am doing more than a 5k. Perhaps because I'm slow am out longer . In summer I definitely would drink more often.

NathalieM Fri 12-Jun-15 11:11:07

I'll have to agree with InstitutionCode here, it isn't necessary to carry around a massive container as they're just harder to stash and generally difficult to work-out with.

I personally use the ergonomic water bottles with a grip, as they tend to be not too heavy and much easier to carry. There's a a lot of big brand models, but I got mine from a discount sports outlet and it isn't let me down yet (

I'm not sure about using a bag either, as it can get quite unconformable. Most gym accessories and bags aren't really built to be run with, but I'd like to see a model that caters more to this.

If you're doing a run, maybe there'll be free water bottles on offer as you go? Something to consider smile

CMOTDibbler Fri 12-Jun-15 11:20:43

I have a small camelbak - there are no shops or water sources once I am more than a mile from home until I'm 13 miles out in one direction, 9 miles the other, and none at all on my other route.

Its more comfortable to have a small amount of water in the camelbak than holding a bottle or having one in a bum bag. Its also very easy to drink from and the bag provides a convenient receptacle for phone/gels etc

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