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Fibromyalgia / anaemia / where do I even start?

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tinysleepy Tue 09-Jun-15 18:58:37

Has anyone effectively started and, perhaps more importantly, sustained an exercise regime long enough to lose weight & get fit whilst struggling with fibromyalgia? I am also anaemic at the moment so what little energy I have disappears quickly on exertion.
I work long hours and am self-employed; I have a DD who is 5 who I run around after.
I desperately need to get moving as I need to get blood pressure down by losing weight and sorting out my diet. I am currently going backwards, getting stiffer and experience more pain. If I sound miserable its because I wish it were just a matter of being motivated; I am fearful of increasing pain/fatigue before the benefits kick in.
I know pacing is an important part of any exercise routine, but a bit of gentle walking isn't going to cut it.
I am thinking swimming (I am not a strong swimmer), brisk walking and yoga dvd for stretching would be a start?

Anyone have any wisdom / advice to share to help me get started / keep going confused?

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