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Walking for Fitness: which shoes, a sore knee and other animals

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KittyB52 Mon 08-Jun-15 14:14:03

I bought a FitBit One a couple of weeks ago and it's really motivated me to get off my bum and go walking during my lunch break. However, within a day or two of starting exercising, I noticed that my left knee is really stiff first thing in the morning. Could this be related to the walking, or is it likely to be sudden onset of middle age in a very specific area (I'm 42)? grin

I have now realised that the shoes I bought for hillwalking on holiday aren't ideal for lunchtime walks (durr) as they are too big (should be worn with thick socks). Would it be overkill to go to a specialist shop to get them to look at my gait before buying a new pair of trainers? I'm not going to be running (EVER - it gives me the fear) but I do 'power walk' so need a decent pair of shoes.

Also, what are the chances of me getting a non-leather pair of shoes? I know some brands (Merrell, Adidas) make synthetic shoes, but they are over £100, which seems a bit much. I am a total noob when it comes to this stuff though, and that might be a very reasonable price for a decent pair of trainers.

Finally, anyone want to add me as a friend on FitBit? I am KittyB52 on there as well.

hedwig2001 Mon 08-Jun-15 14:45:59

I have heard Sketchers Go walk and Go walk 2 are good. Not tried them myself.
I got a Fitbit for Christmas, so have massively upped my walking. I was a bit sore/stiff initially, but it gets better.

CadiM Mon 08-Jun-15 17:12:51

I'd definitely recommend getting your gait analysed at a specialist running shop: they might get you up on a treadmill but you don't need to run. I made it clear that I was a walker and it wasn't a problem. I developed knee problems when I was preparing for a trek (lots of up and down hills) and a physio recommended insoles to make up for my flat feet (I use "superfeet"). Unfortunately the shoes do come at a price (my recent pair cost £100 but I'll do many more miles in them and get my money's worth than in my normal £40 work shoes). My new Brooks trainers are all synthetic.

lalsy Mon 08-Jun-15 18:33:06

I've tried Go walk and Go Walk 3 and the soles wore down fast - I am not sure they are meant for miles of pavement walking.

I wear trainers - yes, do get your gait analysed. I discovered I over-pronate (most people do) and feel so much better now I wear slightly more supportive shoes, sometimes with insoles. It isn't overkill at all - a decent pair of trainers will set you back over £50.

KittyB52 Mon 08-Jun-15 22:11:21

I am planning on trying to get a 30-45 minute walk each lunchtime, and hopefully a short walk in the evening too. So £100 for something I'll use pretty much every day isn't so bad.

I suffered today because I had to go to the Post Office (Monday lunchtime - what joy!) and then walked round town as I couldn't have got to the park. It was all pavements and cobbles, which wasn't ideal. At least in the park I am on grass or stone.

I am really enjoying the walks, I can get a decent pace going and I feel so much better for going outside in my lunch break. I very occasionally stop to take a photo of clouds for Instagram (hashtag cloudporn) or if someone is walking a friendly dog that wants to say hello. grin

Thanks for all the advice - the sports shop near work is open until late on Thursday, and they do gait analysis.

MrsMook Tue 09-Jun-15 07:41:43

By my late teens, my knees and hips were awful. After having an ache in my lumbar when wearing walking boots while travelling for a few weeks, I put some superfeet in them. I noticed a difference rapidly, so gradually put them in just about every shoe I can fit them in. As a side effect, my knees and hips are much better. I also don't rapidly grind the side of the heel off my shoes so rapidly as I once did, so shoes are lasting longer.

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