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What do you wear to spin?

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Madamecastafiore Sun 07-Jun-15 11:36:05

Having a terrible chaffing issue!!

Do you wear pants under your tights?

eleanoralice1 Sun 07-Jun-15 12:42:07

I've gone commando at times, just maybe wear some running shorts over sports tights as mine can get a little see through at times!

pootlebug Mon 08-Jun-15 14:08:47

Padded cycling shorts (no pants under). Sleeveless top with sports bra underneath

Tanaqui Mon 08-Jun-15 14:28:52

Also padded shorts - and check you have the seat high enough, it's very common for cyclists and spinners to be one or two notches too low and this cAn lead to chafing (and knee pain!).

UsainWho Mon 08-Jun-15 16:07:22

I would agree chaffing can be due to bad positioning, which I see a LOT in my classes without the instructors even telling people. Think of how Bradley did the hour record, that's what you're aiming for, not sit up and beg! failing that, padded shorts and chamois cream!

ivykaty44 Tue 09-Jun-15 15:22:18

Your seat to handle bars should the the length of your elbow to hand...approx

The seat to pedal should be with a very slight kink in knee, so your leg almost straight - but not quite...

I would love to have the power ratio of Wiggins and keep my upper body completely still but there we go he is s mater of tt

TriJo Wed 10-Jun-15 14:33:34

Tri shorts and a sports bra, sleeveless top too if I'm going to a spin class as opposed to being on the turbo trainer at home. I run very hot when doing any sort of indoor cycling.

NathalieM Fri 12-Jun-15 10:51:56

I wear cycling shorts (because you don't need anything underneath) sports bra, and a loose fitting top. The chaffing could be down to how you've positioned yourself on the bike.

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