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Propertysearcher Sat 30-May-15 13:07:04

I decided to finally lose my massive belly at the age of 46!! I have always been around 10st but apple shaped and worried about visceral fat & diabetes (runs in family). I am determined to be healthier as I have 30% body fat so really want to get this down and tone up.

I started with a trainer nearly 3 months ago and he got me to eat regular meals and stop snacking on rubbish. He has been very motivating and I've stuck to it. A month ago I started eating clean and have cut out processed food and refined sugar. I have lost half a stone but to burn cals & fat, my trainer has me doing 2 sessions of 1hr 20 cardio working at 60-70% of my heart rate-he said this would burn a massive amount of cals (he's right-around 750 each workout I'm doing) and rip through the fat.

However, this is taking it's toll on my knees & hips-not to mention how long it takes to complete each workout (with stretches and warm up etc), it can be 1hr 50 easily.

I've been looking into HIIT training-(trainer is poo-pooing it) & tried it today on X trainer and bike and it nearly killed me. I did about 13mins (8 x 20secs at full pelt/40-50 secs rest). I am SO confused about all the different info out there and not sure if I'm doing it right.

ALso, I am confused about the differing info on what to eat as a snack after one of these workouts. SOme say carbs & protein, some say just protein, other say carbs first, then some protein after 20mins-can anyone help with this? I am reading and researching a lot but don't know what to believe.....


HootOnTheBeach Sat 30-May-15 13:45:09

First thing is that a post work out meal should NOT BE A SNACK. It should be a proper meal, heavy with protein. Or a protein shake if you're so inclined.

Secondly, to take some pressure off your joints try the cross trainer instead of a treadmill. I find treadmills treat my knees very badly.

I also do HIIT - 2 minutes going all out, 1 minute of zombie walking.

You could also try weight lifting. Building muscle will help you lose weight because muscle burns more calories than fat and the process obviously puts strain on your body and also burns calories.

suzannecanthecan Sat 30-May-15 14:12:32

Or a protein shake if you're so inclined
I wouldnt!
my 'top tip' is never ever drink any calories
drinking calories is for people who want to gain weight and struggle to eat enoughwink

Propertysearcher Sat 30-May-15 14:46:44

Thanks for your reply HootontheBeach.

I don't do any work on a treadmill, only X trainer and bike due to my knees.

I am doing 1 session of weights as well as my 2 cardios (we started with 2 weights & 1 cardio to build muscle and then changed to 1 weight/2 cardio to burn fat)

Unfortunately, I have developed "golfer's elbow" and can't do any lifting so we are having to make due with squats, stomach exercises etc. whatever I can do to build muscle without making my elbows worse.

I am having breakfast and then waiting an hour before my workout. If I finished before lunchtime, say 11ish, I am loathe to have another "proper" meal....

MrsHarveySpecter Sat 30-May-15 19:25:17

I am a huge fan of HIIT. I moved from distance running and the weight fell off.

I am lucky enough to have a gym at the end of my road that specialises in this type of training and Cardio classes a tree HIIT on cross trainers and bikes. There is also strength circuits which are important for long term weight loss and wellbeing.

Totally agree that protein shakes may not be a good idea. I am somebody who needs to have actual food to feel satiated! But I can see they'd be good for some people.

Good luck!

Propertysearcher Sat 30-May-15 21:04:11

Thanks MrsH.

I don't want to pay for a gym membership as I'm paying my PT at the moment but concerned that his methods are a bit old fashioned. I don't want to slog away for 1hr20 on the Xtrainer and bike if I don't need to.

I just don't know how to do the circuits-I'm just going on what I've researched but they all say something different confused-ditto re the food!!

What do you eat after a HIIT workout MrsH?

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