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Race to the Stones 2016

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AnnPerkins Tue 26-May-15 10:32:09

I've been reading about RTTS and wondering if I could manage it in 2016. I did a couple of half marathons about 8 years ago but have never done a full one - and don't really want to tbh.

I've been reading up on ultra running and it seems a very different discipline to marathons etc, involving slower running and more walking. Could I run/walk 5 x 10k on trails in one day, and then do it all again the next day?

Has anyone done RTTS or similar - who isn't an experienced ultrarunner? I'd love to know more about it but it looks like quite a new event so there aren't many accounts to read about online.

iamgill Mon 27-Jul-15 01:45:24

Hi, I did race to the stones this year. It was fantastic and I'll be back next year. I walked it all in one go, no running though. I'm not a great or fast runner but a fairly good walker.
I'm hoping to run/walk it next year.

There are 9 pit stops along the route about 10km apart though some ate more some are less. They all have water and squash. I don't like hot drinks but noticed there were hot drinks from pit stop 3. Lots of different snacks were offered at all the pit stops with sandwiches at stop 2 and hot food at stop 5.

Stop 5 is the half way mark so you either stay there in a tent overnight or like me keep going.
The support from the marshals was amazing, I suffered a bit from dehydration and the medic's were fantastic. They sat with me and let me have a good cry, made sure I had plenty to drink and something to eat and gave me loads of advice and encouragement then sent me on after I said I was okay.
It was hillier than I expected, the second half is definitely harder though that could be due to tired legs and harder going under foot. There were no mile or kilometre markers just 1 saying 1km till pit stop 9 different times so it was hard to judge where you were or how far you had to go. The signs pointing out the way were really good.
I've already said to a few local people that are thinking about it for next year stop and sit down at every pit stop and have something to eat. Change your socks at these points (I had talcum powder in mine to stop blisters) and train hills.

Finally to give an idea of what I've done before race to the stones I've been running on and off for 3 years. Have done quite a few half marathons but only ever run/walked them. Did a full marathon this year in the training for RTTS (neolithic marathon, walked it all) and couple of half marathons in the training for it again they were run/walk.
Hope that has given you some help and if you have any questions I'll do my best to help with those.
I'm looking forward to being o the start line in 2016.

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