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Which Fitbit?

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KittyB52 Mon 25-May-15 19:36:46

I have been doing a bit of research on the boards but have managed to confuse myself. hmm I thought I wanted one of the wristband type Fitbit thingies, but then I read that it measure arm movements so isn't that accurate at measuring steps. So I looked at one of the clip types instead - that would be fine. I don't need a sleep monitor thing (although it might be interesting). The heart rate thing might be useful if I was planning to do something strenous, but I'm not - I just want to get off my bum and walking, at least until I get used to exercise again.

But then a rechargeable doohicky would be handy...

And do you get access to the community and iPhone app stuff with all the models, or only the more expensive ones?

See? It's all vair confusing. grin

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 25-May-15 19:40:05

You get access to the community and the app with all models.

If you want accuracy the One or Zip is your best bet as body mounted. The One is rechargeable - dont know about the Zip.

The wrist ones are fairly good as long as you dont spend a lot of your time pushing buggies etc.

I have owned a One and a Flex. I now own a Garmin Vivosmart grin

coffinhenrietta Mon 25-May-15 19:45:12

I have a charge (wrist one) and I just shove it in my pocket when I'm pushing the buggy, works perfectly smile

It's been incredibly good for getting me walking more, as well as identifying my lowest tolerable amount of sleep (6hrs/night fwiw). It might just be because I'm overly competitive though and a sucker for round numbers

KittyB52 Mon 25-May-15 20:03:48

I'm hoping it will encourage me to walk more as well. There's a lovely park a few minutes away from where I work - I reckon I could get a good half hour/45 minutes walk in at lunchtime if I got motivated.

IAGTBF - is the Garmin better? We have a Garmin satnav and have been slightly put off by the shoutyness and random pronounciation of street names. Obviously (hopefully) that won't be an issue with a fitness monitor. grin

Thanks for the replies so far.

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Mon 25-May-15 20:09:34

i have the flex, been using it the last week and i'm finding it really good, its really giving me a good idea of what my natural activity levels are and where i need to make some changes to help me shift some weight!

KittyB52 Mon 25-May-15 20:12:02

ASIAWS, unfortunately I already know what my natural activity level is. It's 'brick'. grin

I know in theory I don't need a gadget to tell me I need to exercise, but I do need something to motivate me to get off my bum.

gonegrey56 Mon 25-May-15 20:12:57

I have the One, clip it to my bra every day. 2 stone down since using it ! Really motivates me and it is very accurate re steps and distances ( have checked it thoroughly)

RattieofCatan Mon 25-May-15 20:17:37

I have a one, I love it though haven't worn it recently (got out of the habit blush )

It is really accurate, it was too sensitive at first and for the first week it added loads of steps whilst I drove, especially uphill, but it seemed to settle after that. I really like the floors climbed counter, I work in a very big house and there is a lot of going up and down the stairs, I was shocked the first time I wore it to work and managed silly amounts of floors!

ASorcererIsAWizardSquared Mon 25-May-15 20:19:43

Heh, i have it set to a goal of 5k steps a day, i'm averaging about 6k so far. So next week i will up it to 7k and make myself go for a walk or something.

Im really overweight (size 24) and really, really need to shift it, so i figured i'd just wear it 'as normal' the first week or so, to get some idea of whats going on.

At the moment, i'm moderately active mon-fri and practically sedentary sat/sun.. whoops! lol.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 26-May-15 08:42:52

is the Garmin better?

Depends on what you want smile

I like it because:

- Dont have to charge battery which means I dont forget to charge it/put it back on

- Has a move reminder - if I dont move for an hour the Garmin reminds me and then keeps reminding me every 15 minutes.

- Links with an HRM

- Syncs with My Fitness Pal (as does Fitbit)

Elliptic5 Wed 27-May-15 10:41:51

I'm looking for a fitness monitor to count steps and general activity, track my cycling, with a heart rate monitor (not a chest band), and to use when swimming. I was waiting for the Jawbone Up 3 but now that's not rated as waterproof I've got no idea what to go for. Am I asking too much of one piece of equipment confused ?

KittyB52 Wed 27-May-15 11:44:43

I ended up getting the FitBit one. First day using it today, so will see how I get on. I've joined the Mumsnet community and am currently in last place. grin

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 27-May-15 11:51:09

I've got the One and very pleased with it, I don't like wearing wristbands or bangles so it was the best choice for me. It lasts at least a week on a charge and then only takes an hour or so to charge, it emails me when the battery is getting low so I charge it while working at the computer and don't miss any steps. I find the floor counter accurate at home or at work but it adds 7 floors + on my drive to work which is a bit undulating.

KittyB52 Wed 27-May-15 13:16:10

I also don't like wristband but having it clipped to my bra is a bit uncomfortable. I will get used to it, I am sure.

My lunchtime walk only racked up 3,000-ish steps so will need to do something extra to get anywhere near 10K.

moanybollocks Wed 27-May-15 13:37:16

I have a flex on my wrist and find it accurate - matches up with my iPhone thingy when I've also been walking with that

But I now want a clip on one because I just don't like the look of the band on my wrist

It doesn't really go with my jewellery! smile

Doublethecuddles Thu 28-May-15 07:30:50

I have a Fibit Flex and love it. Motivates me to walk more, often go out for a walk in the evening as a family to increase me steps. I also park further away from shops etc so I can get a few more steps in.
I have started logging all my food which is a bit time consuming, but helps me track what I eat against calories burnt.
I charge mine when I know I will be lying on the sofa watching TV!

Timeforabiscuit Thu 28-May-15 07:37:24

I have a flex, been using it for around five months and it has changed my lifestyle.

We've cut our car use considerably - and if I don't get my steps it means an extra trip to the the park with the kids or a walk after my dinner has gone down.

I've lost 8kg - and though I'm not fit, I'm feeling a lot better.

dailyfix Thu 28-May-15 07:41:28

I'm thinking about getting a One. I can't wear any jewellery for work and think it might fit snugly in my pocket.
Slightly concerned that it's just a fancy pedometer in Emperor's New Clothes.
Please tell me I'm wrong..

EthelCardew Thu 28-May-15 21:54:29

I have a One. I was tempted to go for an all singing and dancing wristband but I want accuracy and think I'd get fed up with it on my wrist at all times.

It's much more than just a pedometer dailyfix smile

The dashboard on the app and website is awesome. I LOVE all the data it gives me - steps, miles, calories in, calories out, remaining calories I can eat, weight tracker, how many lbs to goal, how much water I've drunk and need to drink to meet my goals, challenges between me and my friends.

Go on, you know you want to! grin

MrsJackAubrey Thu 28-May-15 21:59:02

I got a Charge last week after reading on MN about Fitbit's virtues. I loved it loved it loved it.

Then I lost it. It must have fallen off my wrist while moving stuff into the car, and now I feel I don't exist anymore because I don't belong to my little fitbit buddy. Sob.

will be getting a new one as soon as funds allow.

moanybollocks Thu 28-May-15 22:11:12

It syncs up nicely with MyFitnessPal for anyone who is also using that

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Fri 29-May-15 09:18:19

MrsJack, oh no. I lost mine for 18 months, then found it in one of the DCs toyboxes. I missed it too.

I must admit I only use mine as a pedometer, I CBA with inputting water, calories etc and I don't trust its miles, only got one friend on it etc but I still love it.

dailyfix Fri 29-May-15 17:06:45

I've ordered a One (amazon £55) will report back.

GingerLemonTea Sun 31-May-15 09:57:11

If anyone wants a FitBit pal, PM me.

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