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16 weeks pregnant and a 6 month old in tow- exercise help!

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annatha Mon 25-May-15 17:22:41

I want to start exercising but have no idea where to start- I had a very active job before having my dd but since I've been on maternity leave I've done no exercise at all. Now I'm pregnant again I'd really like to be more active but I'd struggle to get to a gym or swimming as I've always got dd with me. Aside from walking (which I'm trying to do more of) what kind of things can I do at home? I know I've got to take things easy being pregnant so didn't want to jump into a workout DVD or whatever and hurt myself. TIA!

ToddleWaddle Mon 25-May-15 17:25:06

Do you have any buggy fit classes near by or classes where you can bring baby like yoga etc?

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