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Shin splints or stress fracture?

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ScrollDown Wed 20-May-15 16:24:58

Further to my recent post about knee pain following the first week of c25k, I've realised that the pain is actually in my shin bone (tibia) at the very top going into my knee.

I've read a lot about both shin splints and stress fractures and now I'm worried that I actually have a stress fracture in both legs. Having never had either before, I'm just not sure.

I went to my doctor on Monday about something unrelated and mentioned the pain but he was unsympathetic, didn't examine me and told me to keep running on painkillers hmm. However, I can barely walk let alone run. Its particularly painful when walking upstairs or downhill although the pain is constantly there. I also can't hop on either leg which is apparently one of the differentiating tests.

I know only a doctor or hospital can provide a true diagnosis but I don't want to waste medical professional time if it's 'just' shin splints. Has anyone got any experience of either and can give advice on what I can do please?

lastqueenofscotland Wed 20-May-15 19:34:05

Shin Splints and stress fractures are pretty serious over use injuries and you are unlikely to have got them from one week of C25k, even if you were doing it in really rubbish shoes.

Obviously if you are concerned go to a DR but IMO it's pretty unlikely.

ScrollDown Wed 20-May-15 19:43:20

Thanks last. I initially thought it was my knees but the pain has now localised to the top of my tibias. I have also noticed that there is swelling at the point where it is painful.

I've been reading quite a lot on shin splints and it seems I've done all the wrong things - cheap trainers, running on a hard surface, running up and down hills. It was actually jumping around during an exercise DVD that compounded the pain and now I can barely walk sad.

What could it be if it's not shin splints or a stress fracture? I don't want to waste time if it's something that will go on its own.

lastqueenofscotland Wed 20-May-15 20:00:17

it could be soft tissue damage?

Even with bad stuff I doubt you'd have done enough damage in 3 short runs.

I might be wrong but i always thought that to get a stress fracture especially, maybe less so a shin splint, you had to have quite a serious amount of overuse/prolonged periods in inappropriate gear.

Pleaseputyourshoeson Fri 22-May-15 22:28:37

I have had shin splints and I have had three stress fractures. A week of running won't do it, for me they have been caused by a combination of poor bio mechanics and increase in training volume - running from 15 miles a week to up 35-40 miles a week. . You may well have a bit of inflammation from too much impact but icing and resting and sorting yourself with proper footwear sounds like it would do the job. Freeze a paper cup filled with water and then take it out and tear the edge so you have a good ice stick to rub into the painful spots, it hurts but do it, and just keep doing it at regular intervals. It works wonders. Whether stress reaction, shin splints or stress fracture, really the treatment is the same - rest until it gets better. Maybe switch to cycling or swimming until the legs feel less sore.

Californialiving Tue 26-May-15 06:40:04

Don't know if This is too late. Please get it looked at. I did one week of C25k and had stress fractures in both legs. It does happen after only one week. I learnt the painful way.

suzannecanthecan Tue 26-May-15 08:51:48

can you go to see a sports physio?

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