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Runner with clicking knees

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irishseas Mon 18-May-15 13:25:39

I did the couch to 5k about 2 years ago and was running consistently after that. However I stopped about 6 months ago because I noticed that my knees were ‘clicking’ a lot, mainly when going up and down stairs. They still click, but less than they did. They don’t hurt so I’ve never bothered going to the doctor.

I really miss running and want to get back to it. I can’t face another type of exercise, running was the only thing I’ve enjoyed and that suits my lifestyle. However, I’m worried about damaging my knees (I’m 39 so I hope to have them for a while!), I’ve seen people running with knee supports – would they help? Or do I have to face defeat and take up yoga (which I hate!).


BlueChampagne Tue 19-May-15 16:41:48

Can't persuade you into cycling, then? Kinder on the knees.

MrsMook Tue 19-May-15 21:34:27

What state were your trainers in?
I go to an osteopath for my various gremlins (I'm like a lucky dip, each month has a new surprise).

Strength work would probably help, and making sure you have a good stretch after. You don't have to resort to yoga. I do my stretches on the door step, it's a useful prop and avoids me getting distracted which is inevitable when I get into the house.

BitterChocolate Tue 19-May-15 21:41:33

I'm not a runner and I'm a decade older than you, but I have been very clicky for a long while (ankles, knees and hips). I take krill oil capsules and it really reduces the noise, almost cuts it out completely. It's very noticeable that if I don't take the capsules for a week or so then the clicks come back and if I take them again then the clicks go away. It might be that your clicks weren't cause by the running, just made more noticeable because of it.

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