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Runners of a certain age (55) I need your wisdom

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firstmum45 Wed 13-May-15 13:06:09

Been running since last September well slow jog really started with my Fitbit flex trying to get 10k steps in. I do it inside so not too much stress on my arthritic big toe grin. Run five to six times a week for an hour each time not very fast but consistent!

Tell me this is normal not lost any weight in fact don't bother with scales but my body is changing shape flab gone from knees and no muffin top.

Blood pressure meds reduced to lowest dose and hope to be off them in next few months so really pleased.

Just discovered from trying to find bikinis to fit in cheap shop Primark actually thought they were vanity sizing I came home and discovered I have lost 2 inches from bust and hips and inch from waist. Can't get my head round it as I have not lost weight is it flab turning to muscle?

Also still a bit flabby in places thought I might introduce 30 day shred into my routine to help tone up.

Is it possible for someone of my age to really tone up good as skin does tend to lose its elasticity and collagen as we get older please someone of a similar age gave me some advice on how I can advance my exercise. Meant to say only want to do exercise I can do at home as this fits in with my lifestyle.

suzannecanthecan Wed 13-May-15 20:29:48

great work keeping it up Firstmum grin
fat doesnt turn into muscle, rather it is replaced by muscle
so the amount of adipose tissue that you have will have reduced and the amount of lean tissue will have increased.
Factor in the fact that muscle is almost twice as dense as fat and you will see how it is that you can have a slimmer body shape at the same body weight.

Some sort of resistance exercise would help to further reduce fat and increase lean tissue

firstmum45 Wed 13-May-15 23:21:36

Thanks for your support Suzanne glad I am on the right path did my first 20 mins of 30 day shred thought it would be easy but even after my months of running I struggled grin however I am pleased with my progress and that I can fit it in with my lifestyle and like tonight if I have a few slices of pizza and a glass or two of red wine it's not the end of the world.

That's the one thing I have learnt if you can do something you enjoy and fit it in with your life you are half way there to a achieving fitness whatever your age.

suzannecanthecan Wed 13-May-15 23:28:31

and dont worry one bit about being 'slow' even slow running is a pretty intense form of exercise
imo it's far more important to be regular and consistent so that you develop an efficient running style.
Also great that your blood pressure has come downsmile

indigoteeshirt Sat 06-Jun-15 18:31:24

What brilliant progress.

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