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Diastasis recti and 'mummy tummy' anyone tried the MuTu programme?

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sunshine05 Fri 08-May-15 20:59:29

So I've got a diastasis recti - about 2 fingers width gap, along with that mummy tummy 'pouch' basically I'm not overweight (8 Stone) slim and petite but have a sticking out tummy and it's really getting me down. I think it's because I have no core, my stomach muscles just sag outwards and my pelvic floor is pretty bad. So I've been looking into how to fix this and there are two techniques out there I've noticed, the Tulper technique and Mutu programme. I have done a bit of research and it seems the Mutu one comes out more favourably as it focuses more on strengthening the core, not just closing the gap between the muscles.

Has anyone tried the Mutu technique? Any positive outcomes? Its a fair bit of money to fork out so I just want to get some info/reviews first!

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