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Why can't I wear men's trainers?

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ewanhoozami Fri 08-May-15 17:25:09

DH said that men have different feet so a 6.5 in a man's trainer won't be a 6.5 in a 'Ladies' trainer.

I think that it's all a load of old shit designed to make women want to buy the pink ones.

AuntieStella Fri 08-May-15 17:27:13

They might be wider.

LettuceLaughton Fri 08-May-15 17:28:32

You might need a slightly different size IME

JennyOnTheBlocks Fri 08-May-15 17:28:51

just go to the shop and try some on

i've got running shoes from the women's section, trail shoes from the men's.

Fierceflora Fri 08-May-15 17:28:58

They are slightly different sizes. Eg generally I am a women's 9 but a men's 8. I wear men's shoes all the time, much comfier, effortlessly cool and yeah big enough for my massive feet. Am also not a fan of dainty pretty lady shoes in any way

WowOoo Fri 08-May-15 17:29:33

I've got men's and children's trainers. They're all fine for me!

Much prefer the design of men's trainers.

ewanhoozami Fri 08-May-15 17:30:01

I do have quite wide hooves. I suppose I need to try some on in actual shops rather than buy online from Sports Direct who will then make me exchange for a credit note instore.

suzannecanthecan Fri 08-May-15 19:33:25

wider may well be good, I wish mens shoes went down to a smaller size than I could wear them and let my tootsies spread out like they want to!

WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 Fri 08-May-15 19:34:43

YY go and try some on

I would buy blokes shoes in a heartbeat but my feet are a bit small

Saz12 Fri 08-May-15 21:53:05

I wear mens shoes - I've big feet, and wide in the bit below my toes. Also I needed v supportive shoes. They're comfy and do the job, and I didn't have much choice! The mens shoes I have are an 8.5, same size as some womens shoes I tried on, but the mens are definitely bigger and wider.

I'd much rather have pretty girly coloured shoes - mine are neon green and orange (barfmungous), and look bigger than they are.

Lunastarfish Fri 08-May-15 21:54:54

I'm a size 7 and I nearly always buy men's trainers. It means I get twice the choice and no effing pink or purple on them! I've scored some fab bargains in TK Maxx on men's trainers for myself

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 08-May-15 21:56:33

I've got men's and women's versions of the same trainers and there is no discernible difference in mine.

I got my gait analysed a while back and just buy the same trainers as they don't give me any problems. I bought men's because they hadn't got my size in women's but I haven't found any difference at all.

KittiesInsane Fri 08-May-15 21:56:47

Suzanne, couldn't you just buy boys' trainers? I often do.

suzannecanthecan Fri 08-May-15 22:11:34

thats a good idea thanks Kittie although I dont think the brands that I'm running in just now come in childrens sizes
(but I shall bear it in mindwink)

mousmous Fri 08-May-15 22:14:57

just try different stlyes, men or women...
I have wide feet, so usually have men's shoes as they fit me better.

BikeRunSki Fri 08-May-15 22:18:40

Men's trainers etc often come up higher at the heel, because men's Achilles tendons are generally high than on women. They are often wider at the heel, and more voluminous in the toe box, and women's/men's sizes don't always cross reference directly. I have massive feet (8.5-9 women's) but men's running shoes are never as comfortable as women's.

KittiesInsane Fri 08-May-15 22:20:39

Ah, I suspect I have fat feet and toes, BikeRunSki! Could explain why I don't really fit most women's shoes.

WizardOfToss Fri 08-May-15 22:25:10

This has reminded me that many years ago I tried to buy some rather nice Adidas trainers and the assistant laughed in my face as they were men's ones. I should have hit him with them, instead I flounced.

I hope things have changed..

suzannecanthecan Fri 08-May-15 22:25:11

I'll be so glad when we can just scan in our feet and then 3D print our own individually tailored shoes, clearly just fitting them by gender is not nuanced enough!

BikeRunSki Sat 09-May-15 08:01:25

I'll be so glad when we can just scan in our feet and then 3D print our own individually tailored shoes, clearly just fitting them by gender is not nuanced enough!

A lot of cycling shoes and ski boots can now be individually heat moulded.

orangeflutie Sat 09-May-15 10:08:47

I've worn mens trainers for a few years now. I have size 7 and a half feet but needed to wear eight and a half for running. They didn't have that size in womens in the shop so tried the mens on and never looked back. I always buy mens Brooks Adrenaline and find them so comfortable.

I actually like the mens colours too, the last pair I had but sadly are too worn out now were blue with lime green laces.

exexpat Sat 09-May-15 10:15:00

I am size 6.5/7 in women's shoes, and have wide feet. In men's shoes I am usually a size 6, and the width is a better fit. Do most women really have the kind of narrow pointy feet most women's shoes seem to be designed for?

SachaF Sat 09-May-15 10:29:29

I prefer Nike Men's trainers to women's fit wise, and wear a size 6 whereas I would be a 6.5 in the women's (although generally I'm a 6, but different brands have different sizing). With Innov8 I wear the unisex trainers. With another brand I have the womens. So it depends on the brand too.

WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 Sat 09-May-15 10:31:01

suzanne never thought of that before - I can't wait either!!!!

WhirlpoolGalaxyM51 Sat 09-May-15 10:38:04

exepat my feet are narrow and pointy so yes to many heels that others can't squash their feet into but really I didn't wear them for years and now only do for work. And actually as my feet are narrow I have less surface area on the balls of my feet to put my weight on - I realised when I was younger that wearing them is more painful for me than my friends! So actually that one's not even a proper "win"!

& it's no to:
A choice of school shoes when I was a girl or even any that were remotely fashionable
Many trainers
In fact most things with laceups
Or velcro
Or those nice flat "mary jane" shoes or whatever they're called
Or lots of things actually

As with clothes, if you are an "outlier" then you "get lucky" maybe in a small area but are a bit screwed for the rest of it!

My older DD has the same problem (she is a B on the clarks machine - I never even managed to get across to A when I was little!) and it is a nightmare finding her school shoes that aren't like boats.

Still in the scheme of things it's not the end of the world, we usually find something.

Trouser lengths, that's another thing though grin

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