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c25k day 1 help me do day 2!!

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FresherThanYou Thu 07-May-15 14:49:42

Just done day 1 & I want to give up already! I'm 17 stone & it was so painful, my chest, hips arrrrrr I feel like crying has anyone else very heavy done this? I want to do it so bad, bought new trainers, psyched myself up for days, thought at least it would start off easy-ish grinsad
Also I thought for accountability I'd post the automatic updates on my fb page (Even though it'll annoy some people I'm sure!) but i can't work out how to link it and in true 'me' style I'm now thinking well i won't bother then angry

CMOTDibbler Thu 07-May-15 14:59:06

Well done - you've done the hardest bit because the biggest leap is going from doing no running to running for 60s at a time.

Have your days rest tomorrow, then do it again - I promise it will be a bit easier. And if you are still finding it really hard after the third run, do week 1 again before you move to week2.

longdiling Thu 07-May-15 15:01:53

Just stick to Day 1 if you don't feel ready to do Day 2 - but whatever you do don't give up! If you can't update on Facebook update on here, you don't need a link or anything but I'll be checking this thread tomorrow to see if you've updated about your next run. You've been warned young lady!!

FresherThanYou Thu 07-May-15 15:06:33

Ha thank you! I'd better bloody do it then wink I didn't think of staying on the same day or week, I will do that if things are hurting tomorrow

havehope Thu 07-May-15 15:10:24

Hi Fresher

I am going to be starting this tomorrow (can't do today as have way too much do) so if you like we could buddy up. I'm not sure how much I weigh but it is more than 15 stone.

Muddymits Thu 07-May-15 15:38:34

No giving up! Repeat, go slow but keep going

FresherThanYou Thu 07-May-15 15:48:58

Great havehope yes definitely. I've got a feeling I'll be doing day 1 again so we can start together tomorrow on day 1 & check in every day to say we've done it. I am feeling less upset about it now having got my breath back & not bright red anymore. Blimey first world problems eh?! Pull yourself together woman!!

AmyElliotDunne Thu 07-May-15 16:05:06

Hi Fresher, well done you for making a start. That is a major achievement in itself, you've decided to get fitter and you've actually started to do it.

I remember doing day one and feeling like I would die, there was no way I would ever be able to run for the entire 25 minutes when I could barely do 60 seconds at a time.

However, by the 2nd week I started to find it easier and did manage to run 5k in one go by the end of the programme - it was amazing! And what's more I actually enjoyed it and missed it when I couldn't go running (never having been a sporty person, this was the biggest revelation!)

Unfortunately I have since sustained an injury and when I tried to start running again I did the first one without any problems, but the second run I was hobbling and barely managed to make it home!

Your post has inspired me not to give up, I am going out tomorrow and even if I just walk or power-walk rather than run any of it, I can't keep making excuses.

flowers for you. I find it best to run alternate days, so that you have a chance to recover in between times, but if you can face it then use your enthusiasm and get out there tomorrow, I'll do the same!

dizzyday07 Thu 07-May-15 19:29:27

Fresher - Please don't give up.

I was 20 stone when I started the programme Jan 2014. I struggled to reach the end of the running parts of Week 1 Run 1 but what helped was my DD urging me on that made me go out for run 2! I re-did a few of the weeks but kept going out.

Although I would never have believed it I am due to run a 10k event next Sunday! grin

I am not fast - in fact I think I can walk faster than I run - but I am out there and am faster than those who are sitting on the couch.

EdithDickie Thu 07-May-15 21:17:01

Fresher don't give up! The first C25K run I did was horrendous too, a minute has never seemed so long! But it does get better and easier, just stick at it. You'll get there!

FresherThanYou Fri 08-May-15 07:52:19

Thank you Amy Edith & Dizzy
Day 2 done! Duh didn't realise it's the same as day 1.
DSs came with me...they didn't even break a sweat, at least I have fit children grin
What time are you doing it have?

FresherThanYou Fri 08-May-15 07:53:35

dizzy did you diet aswell? Wow well done on your10k!!

AmyElliotDunne Fri 08-May-15 10:01:11

Morning Fresher! Well done on your 2nd run flowers If I recall I think you do the same run 3 times and then the following week you step it up, until about week 4 or 5 I think, when there are different runs for each day, but not by much.

I took my DCs out a few times in the winter, hadn't realised it would still be dark when we got up at 7am - duh! Still it was a bit of an adventure. DD is like a little whippet and just skipped along next to me and DS who were red faced and puffing blush

Thanks to your inspirational thread I did my 1st run in ages this morning - I have to put my running gear on when I wake up as an incentive - if I have to come home from the school run and change I end up on here not bothering!

I didn't use the app, just my own music. Had to walk a few times, but just as I was really flagging and wanted to walk home "Human" by The Killers came on my ipod and pushed me all the way home! Great music makes a huge difference to my running so make sure you get a good playlist going.

FresherThanYou Fri 08-May-15 12:18:10

smile so pleased Amy never inspired anyone to exercise before! How did your injury feel though?
Yes skipping is what the ds's were like, as if it was no effort whatsoever, amazing the difference with me dragging myself round!
I went out early so as to avoid bumping into anyone but I did - one of my brownies on her way to breakfast club, probably scarred the poor girl for life grin
One question- there's only 3 days this week? So I'm supposed to be doing alternate days? I obviously didn't look through it properly as I thought it was every day.
I may have been a bit dramatic yesterday as hip & chest pain only lasted while running, have vague leg & rib (?) ache now but not enough to stop me going out again
C'mon !!

FresherThanYou Fri 08-May-15 12:22:46

Yy to putting running outfit on first thing. I don't know about your school but here about half mums are in running gear & the other half in work outfits so who cares
I'm back from work now & making pasta....trying to stick to sw

VelmaD Sat 09-May-15 16:07:30

Keep at it! I went from no exercise in nearly 10 years to starting C25k on feb 14th. 12 weeks ago today. And today I ran a solid 10k, 70 mins of solid running. It's a great app (I used nhs choices one) and you will do it!

MrsMook Sat 09-May-15 19:26:52

You can do it!

Rest days are important. Alternating your days to recover stops you burning out or getting injured.

I'd never been a runner, and C25k helped me get my fitness back after SPD reducing me to a puffing wreck. I was concerned about injury so repeated a couple of weeks along the way when I didn't feel ready to move on, but it's amazing how quickly you can make progress.

AmyElliotDunne Sat 09-May-15 20:26:48

I tend to just get really stiff after a run, I sit down to have some brekky and then find my legs have seized up when I go to get up!

The injury was originally like a sprained ankle, it swelled up and was really painful to walk on, but even after several months (I really missed running when I was unable to) when it had 'healed' and was ok in every day use, one run and it was back to being painful. I use one of those tight bandage things on it, but I have since found that because I'm conscious of it, I tend to run slightly differently and end up with pain in my knee or hip where I'm over compensating!

This week I've got pain in the sole of my foot which is a new one! However, I'm determined to just put up with it as getting fitter and losing weight will help build strong muscles to support my joints.

BuggersMuddle Sat 09-May-15 21:32:57

I've never done couch to 5k, but I do run. I've been fairly overweight, but am now normal BMI. The reason I'm posting on your thread is that I am a terrible runner. I might look the bloody part (now), but I am just not terribly good at it, although I have been park-running and jogging at lunchtimes for health / fitness. I am regularly overtaken by people who are very overweight, who are elderly, or occasionally by small children.

If you have a park run nearby, that might be something to consider once you're a bit further forward in your C25K. Ours is really friendly, there's a sweeper at the back (so you can't come last) and a real mix of abilities. Plenty who jog / power walk as well.

BTW I am fairly fit (distance cyclist) but the first week I did the 5k (stupid - just run 5k even though I'd done no cardio but cycling for 6 months) I was finding quite some difficulty descending the stairs the next day. It takes a while for the muscles to adapt which I should have known but it should improve rapidly.

FresherThanYou Mon 11-May-15 07:28:45

Velma that's amazing!!
I can't see how I'm going to move on to the next step up at the moment but I've done it 3 times now on alternate days so as someone said better than nothing!

Tinwe Mon 11-May-15 10:04:54

Hello! Can I join you in the challenge? I've just skimmed through the thread as I'm hoping to go out now while the kids are at nursery and don't want to get too distracted. I wanted to find a comrade though as that really helped last time.

Yes, this is my second time at C 2 5k. I am a fitnessphobe and definitely not built for running but it was an amazing experience for me (about 2 years ago). I was at least 3 stone over weight and lost about 2.5 stone by the end plus really shaped up. It seemed impossible but injuries aside its really not if you are determined.

I was in the best shape of my adult life I reckon but then dark nights came and my mother fell seriously ill and died so I gave up running and never got back to it. I put back on all the weight and more so I have at least 4 stone to lose now. Most worryingly is that I've been at home with the kids for the last few months baking and getting fatter and now I have a new job which will be starting soon and no clothes to wear shock

My top tip is to take stretching seriously. A few weeks in, at an intimate moment I found I had difficulties because my legs were too stiff to bend properly!! Proper stretching and that passed thank goodness! grin

Where is everyone up to now?

frumpet Mon 11-May-15 13:00:55

Just went to do day 1 and had to give up after 60 sec run 2 due to excruciating calf cramp , feel like a complete failure . Will have another bash at it later today though . Any tips on how to avoid cramp ? or what to do if they kick in again . Might possibly have been running a bit too quickly , breathing fine though .

CMOTDibbler Mon 11-May-15 13:04:46

Really slow it down - think slow jogging, not running

LMGTFY Mon 11-May-15 13:21:24

You can do it! Just slow right down and you'll surprise yourself, I hadn't run for a minute in my life till August last year and yesterday completed a 10k. I'm overweight and very very slow (I can walk much faster than I run) but managed the whole way. If you'd said a year ago I would do it I'd have laughed. Promise is gets easier, good luck.

frumpet Mon 11-May-15 13:24:11

Probably shouldn't have gone not long after lunch either grin

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