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after couch to 5k

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mamapants Wed 29-Apr-15 18:53:02

Anyone want to join me after completing the programme.
What are you doing next?
I finished about two weeks ago and have just been running 5k twice a week and trying to get faster. And trying to increase distance on third run of the week.
Did 5k today, felt really hard today, think it's because I did Davina the dau before yesterday. Took 34 minutes today so slight improvement.
Anyone signed up for races at this stage for motivation?

chutneypig Wed 29-Apr-15 22:08:42

I finished c25k a couple of months ago. I've done one charity 5k and signed up for another, but my main focus has been on parkruns. I'm very keen to improve my time. I hit 35.00 dead on last weekend and really want to improve. Currently not sure of the best way to go about it.

Have you got a parkrun near you? I've really enjoyed the ones I've done. Despite my son moaning that I'm not fast enough for his liking!

zinnia Fri 01-May-15 11:02:08

I finished C25K three weeks ago; first I concentrated on getting to 5k (not that bad as was at 4.5 or thereabouts on the programme), now am running for 35 mins and trying to cover more distance - slowly improving!

Meanwhile have signed up for a charity 5k at the end of June and am planning to go to my local parkrun in a couple of weeks (can't make it this weekend). My new goal is to run 5k in <30 mins...

Have also been asked by a couple of the mums at school to join them in a 10k in Sept but am a bit scared so am thinking about it!

Lagoonablue Fri 01-May-15 16:31:29

Am just running 5k or thereabouts 3x a week. Will gradually try and increase my distance.

MrsMook Sat 02-May-15 07:24:21

I went for distance after, then speed.
I signed up for a 8.5 mile fun run, thinking it would be a mix of run/walk and shocked myself by running it all. In my elation, I got talked into a HM 4 months later.

Since then I've focused more on speed for 5 and 10k.

It's well worth signing up for an event as it gives training a focus. Race day helps me mentally achieve things that are hard practicing solo, so it's motivating seeing what I have achieved.

mamapants Sat 02-May-15 14:16:33

Sounds like we are all about the same then. Just trying to get distance up a bit and pace up a bit.
I do have a parkrun and am keen to do it occasionally. Dp often works weekends so it would be an occasional thing really.
It seems I've started at the wrong time for most races as they seem to be too near in time for me to get up to 10k in time. Then the next lot seem to be Oct time so quite a long time away.
My Dp has also started, he has started after me but is already been running 13k and much faster than me.

LavazzaLover Sat 02-May-15 15:56:33

You do need to enter races. Not only parkruns but races. Not Race Fkr Life etc as they charge a ridicilous fee. Find out on FB and here:

And increase to 10k!!

mamapants Sat 02-May-15 16:43:36

Thanks for the link. I'm not willing to travel very far unfortunately as hard to find time with two babies and where I live there really aren't many entry level races.
Plenty of hardcore mountain running or triathlons though, but no good for me.
The best I can come up with is a flatish 10k in October just seems a long way away at the moment.

Saz12 Thu 07-May-15 22:41:26

I've signed up for a pan-flat half marathon at end of Sept. Finished c25k 2 or 3 wks ago. My current efforts are a very steep, hilly run/walk/crawl- whilst-begging-for-mercy on Wed, shorter, faster run on Fri (doing fast paced then recovery jog for 20 mins), and a long run on Sunday (well, long for me - currently 5.5k). I'm not confident of managing a half-marathon - I've a lung condition AND asthma and am over 40. But I really want to try.

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