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Amazing results 1yr after starting exercising :)

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feedmyfrankenstein Thu 09-Apr-15 21:37:59

I'm new here and this is my first post so I thought I'd share some good news to start with smile
I started exercising just over a year ago when I weighed 17.5 stone. I am only 5ft 2in so I was very overweight and it was affecting my knees, my breathing and pretty much everything I did with my children. I even found it hard to sit in the chairs at work as they made my back sore.
1 year on and I have lost 5 stone just by exercising at the gym 4 days a week. I only do an hour but I work REALLY hard! I have had to fit it around work and 3 children BUT I feel so much better. I no longer take blood pressure meds or period controlling meds as they are normal now. I have a huge appetite and have found I can still eat pretty much what I like. I still have a stone to lose to be in the 'green zone' and to please my doctor but I wanted to share the fact that exercise is the answer and I actually quite enjoy it now smile Thanks for reading.

HarryLimeFoxtrot Thu 09-Apr-15 21:41:48

Well done - that is an amazing achievement! star

cleanmachine Thu 09-Apr-15 21:43:34

Fantastic. Did you change your eating habits too?

Movingonmymind Thu 09-Apr-15 21:46:04

Well done, OPsmile

Katie2489 Thu 09-Apr-15 21:47:02

Well done . That sounds fabulous! It's great to hear a good news story. I absolutely love the gym too and can't wait to get back there (7weeks post birth ATM) , it gives me so much energy too.

AmyElliotDunne Thu 09-Apr-15 21:47:17

Whoa! That's an amazing achievement! Huge congrats on such a brilliant result. What sort of things do you do at the gym?

I'm about to start up running again after several months of laziness. I'm not a natural sports person by a long way. I did couch 2 5k a few years back which helped, but then got injured and haven't got properly back into it.

I'm probably a good 3 stone overweight so I know it won't be easy, but reading this has really inspired me, thank you. flowers

nilbyname Thu 09-Apr-15 21:49:13

Well bloody done! I bet you feel amazing and isn't itbwonsefulmwjat our bodies can do!

You go girl!

DianeLockhart Thu 09-Apr-15 21:51:05

Well done

MagpieCursedTea Thu 09-Apr-15 21:58:00

Well done!

feedmyfrankenstein Thu 09-Apr-15 22:01:10

Thanks for your support. cleanmachine, I do eat a bit less than before as I know how long it takes to burn off a measly amount of calories! I do still have the odd takeaway and every Saturday I have a night off with burgers and wine etc. AmyElliotDunne, I do 10 minutes hard cardio then 10 minutes weights then repeat for an hour. I vary the exercises so I don't get bored and I do the odd class or run for variation. I always stretch for 5 mins with a warm up and down and have not had any injuries. I am not a natural athlete and really struggled to start with but it's got easier as the time has gone on smile

cleanmachine Thu 09-Apr-15 22:41:02

So you keep changing between cardio and weights? That's interesting. I might try it myself. Do you lift heavy weights?

feedmyfrankenstein Thu 09-Apr-15 22:58:23

cleanmachine, I have gradually increased the amount I lift but it's not seriously heavy. I use the machines mostly as I find it easier to keep the correct posture and avoid injury. I normally do 5-6 reps x12 of 32 - 39kg on each machine alternating between upper and lower body for no longer that 10 mins at a time. I started out using free weights but found I hurt myself too often. I did have a personal trainer for 4 months (included in my gym membership) who showed me lots of different exercises which helped a lot.

cleanmachine Thu 09-Apr-15 23:07:40

Thank you. And can the cardio be anything from running to cycling to jumping jacks etc?

Your story is very inspiring.

AmyElliotDunne Thu 09-Apr-15 23:27:55

Sounds like a great way to break it into manageable chunks. I'd love to do some weights as well as the running, it's important to be strong, not just slimmer isn't it.

feedmyfrankenstein Thu 09-Apr-15 23:52:51

cleanmachine, I tend to do cycling, running, walking fast uphill, rowing, cross trainer. I like to alternate as I find I get bored otherwise. I have recently added boxing and skipping but the old pelvic floor needs a bit of work with the skipping after 3 children! AmyElliotDunne, I originally just wanted to be slimmer but being strong is such a great feeling. I have so much extra stamina for other things like gardening and housework and find that I no longer get bad backs or shoulder pain. I have nearly 9st of muscle mass currently and am trying to maintain that whilst I loose the rest of the fat by making sure I eat enough protein smile

Jemster Fri 10-Apr-15 07:21:02

Well done, great achievement! I'm just starting out with Couch25k at the gym.
When do you do your exercise? Have you found it best to go to the gym at set times to get into a routine?

feedmyfrankenstein Fri 10-Apr-15 08:53:22

Thanks Jemster, Good luck with the Couch25K smile I work varying shifts over a 7 day period so I try and go Mon, Wed and Fri morning and class or running on Wednesday night. I also try and get in a swim at the weekend if possible for a bit of variety. If my shift falls on my gym days I go at the end of the day instead. I have had to put gym first this year and fit housework, shopping etc. around it otherwise I would never go.

funnyperson Sat 18-Apr-15 20:10:50

Thats amazing
Was it harder at first when you weighed more?
I mean I'm guessing when you weighed more you didnt lift weights for instance?

feedmyfrankenstein Sun 19-Apr-15 17:00:33

Hi funnyperson. It was absolutely exhausting when I first started. I had trouble walking for more than 10 mins on the treadmill but I stuck with it as after a month I really noticed an improvement. I have done weights from the start and haven't really changed the length of my workout in a year just how hard I work and I do more incline and resistance work now. I couldn't do more than 2 press ups when I started but can do 40-50 now so a huge improvement. Weights and press ups have really helped the bingo wings although sadly they will always flap a bit cos of the loose skin hmm

funnyperson Fri 24-Apr-15 01:59:54

I need motivation to do any exercise. Its so hard even to walk now that it seems walking cant possibly make a difference so there is no point bothering. I'm quite depressed about it as I cant do a normal aerobics class anymore for example and was hospitalised after the aqua aerobics I went to thinking the water would bear my weight.

LViyer Fri 24-Apr-15 04:23:37

We'll done! Thank you for sharing. I am a new poster and your story has inspired me to get back to gym.

feedmyfrankenstein Fri 24-Apr-15 17:00:35

funnyperson, I really did feel like that at the start. I really could not be bothered as I didn't imagine I could stick to it. I used to tell myself that even if I'm only doing walking on the treadmill that's better than sitting on my bum. I really did find the weights helped a lot as being short and bigger I was actually quite strong even at my heaviest so it was a good feeling to be able to lift the same as the fit lean person next to me smile I still have to force myself to go sometimes but I can't imagine stopping now as it has helped my head and my body and I don't get so depressed now. I even got naked in front of my husband for the first time in years and years the other day and yes I look like a bit saggy but nobody's perfect. Just start slow and put on your favourite music and only do what you can do. It will get easier I can totally promise that.

feedmyfrankenstein Fri 24-Apr-15 17:02:26

Hi LViyer and thanks it's so great to know that I have actually inspired people. I never thought that would happen in a million years. Good luck with the gym smile

funnyperson Sun 26-Apr-15 13:55:59

thank you. I walked for 10 mins today.

feedmyfrankenstein Mon 27-Apr-15 07:48:37

That's great funnyperson. You did 10 minutes more than millions of people sat on their sofa yesterday smile Hope you felt ok after.

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