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Anyone care to join me in a 30 day walking challenge?

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CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Apr-15 12:39:27

Got an email from My Fitness Plan this morning with a 30 Day Walking Challenge and I'm going to give it a go starting tomorrow. I'm rubbish at links on this iPad but if you google 30 day walking challenge quite a few come up - I'm doing the MFP one.

There are three different levels - I'm starting at the beginning as just getting over problems with my Achilles tendon.

Been feeling very unmotivated and down lately and hoping this will be do-able and get me back into exercise.

Would love some company!

strawberry01 Sun 05-Apr-15 12:50:45

Hi can you link the one your doing I can't find it

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Apr-15 13:17:46

Hope this works!

Hakluyt Sun 05-Apr-15 13:21:51


CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Apr-15 14:15:45

Well that's two of us and maybe Strawberry if she comes back.

What level will you start at? I'm easing myself in and starting at beginner level as just over problems with my Achilles tendon. Also depressed and low and just started on ADs and hoping this will help me feel better.

strawberry01 Sun 05-Apr-15 14:26:49

Thank you for the link. I think I will do the beginner as well.

I have a 10 month old baby so any extra walking is great for the both of us. It's really lovely and spring-like where I live at the moment as well. We don't leave the house every single day so this is great motivation.

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Apr-15 17:12:26

Great. That's three of us.

I'm going to head out in the morning. Will report back when I'm done.

CiderwithBuda Sun 05-Apr-15 23:16:28

Any more takers?

Theimpossiblegirl Sun 05-Apr-15 23:40:32

I'm interested, but not sure how it works. Do you have to have a fitbit or is there an app?

CiderwithBuda Mon 06-Apr-15 03:31:51

Hi Theimpossiblegirl - I have a Fitbit but a Pedometer would work too. I had a quick look in the App Store and you can get a walking app. I think it was free.

stormflower Mon 06-Apr-15 04:32:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stormflower Mon 06-Apr-15 12:35:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mintyy Mon 06-Apr-15 12:47:07

Hello Cider. Very sorry to hear about the depression, I'd say you are doing the best possible thing to help.

I'll join in but think can only do 6 days a week. I have one long day a week at work and no free time on that evening. Is that ok?

I'll start tomorrow as am tied to the house today (got workmen here). Now, just the small problem of finding my pedometer!

AlpacaMyBag Mon 06-Apr-15 12:49:04

Am suddenly sick in bed today sad but will be joining in as soon as I am able, let's hope tomorrow is the day!

CiderwithBuda Mon 06-Apr-15 14:57:14

Welcome storm flower. Well done on getting up to 6,500.

Mintyy - thanks. Am a bit thrown by it as have never been depressed before. Realising I self medicate with food. And wine. Trying to get my head around it all so this challenge seems to have come at a good time.

The plan is 6 days a week - you rest on the 7th day.

Alpaca - hope you feel better for tomorrow.

Day 1 walk completed. 2,500 steps. Well it was a bit more.

Have my Fitbit back in action and connected to MapMyWalk. I could have walked for much longer but am deliberately taking it very easy. Want to have the satisfaction of actually finishing. Am going to put it up on the wall calender and tick it off day by day.

YonicScrewdriver Mon 06-Apr-15 15:04:48

Ooh let me check this out.

YonicScrewdriver Mon 06-Apr-15 21:08:38

I don't have a pedometer so I am getting an app on my iphone. I did go for a walk today so sure I'm over the 2,000 steps for day 1

crimsonh Mon 06-Apr-15 21:11:17


CiderwithBuda Mon 06-Apr-15 21:43:26

I know there is a lot of stuff around about reaching 10,000 steps per day - for this challenge though I am using the challenge steps as my daily walk. Any extra steps is a bonus.

So today was supposed to be a walk of 2,000 steps but I forgot and did 2,500. Will repeat tomorrow. Then the steps gradually increase. Can be done in one lot or spread out. I'm doing in one lot at the moment.

I've written all the amounts on my kitchen calendar in pretty colours blush and will tick off each day. I've only gone as far as 30th of this month as I fly to Sydney then for three weeks. Am planning on continuing while I'm there though.

strawberry01 Mon 06-Apr-15 23:39:12

Oh I feel so stupid now I didn't realise I had to actually count the steps. I did do a 20 min walk with the baby today though.

Will see if I can get a cheap pedometer.

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 06-Apr-15 23:45:53

I have done day 1. I had to count them, much to the amusement of DD. What happens if you need to stop (to pick up dog poo for example)? Do you try to keep moving even if you look odd?

CiderwithBuda Tue 07-Apr-15 09:38:34

I wouldn't stress too much about stopping briefly or counting steps if you don't want/need to. Idea is really to move more after all. Anything that gets us up and walking rather than sitting is good.

So strawberry - a 20 min walk is fine! My 2,500 steps was about 18 minutes yesterday. Do you have a smartphone? You can download a pedometer or walking app on there or download MapMyWalk and it will measure your time and distance.

I'm going to figure out how long it takes me to walk 500 steps and just increase by that time instead of obsessing about exact numbers of steps.

You could do similar or just increase by five minutes a time every few days or week or whatever suits. And it doesn't need to be done in one go. It can be spread out.

Roobix04 Tue 07-Apr-15 09:47:55

I love this idea. I'll definitely give it a go but it'll have to wait till next week. Just moved house and I've got a lot of unpacking to do.
Been feeling really down lately about my weight and fitness. Had far to many takeaways this past month while preparing for the move so I'm feeling very unhealthy.
I'm sure my 1yo dd will enjoy the walks round the lake and I'll be happy she's getting so much fresh air.

Jinglebells99 Tue 07-Apr-15 09:56:05

I'm in smile I have a fitbit. I have a real life friend on fitbit and we have been challenging each other on there for about a month. I used to walk loads, walking my dd to school, there and back twice a day would usually get me to 10000 steps but since she's gone to secondary, I no longer walk there. sad

Anyway, last two days, I've got over 10000. In my experience I need to spend a total of an hour and a half walking to get to 10000.

RattieofCatan Tue 07-Apr-15 10:03:02

I am attempting this throughout April, failed so far but I was aiming for 10,000 steps a day and didn't think to factor in my health issues hmm And laziness wink

I'll join you for the next 30 days though smile I'm not on MFP but am on fitbit. I'm aiming for 10,000 steps on my 3 working days and less on my 4 non-working days, I just have to work that out. At the moment I don't even manage 1000 steps on non-working days so I'm thinking of aiming for a 30min walk on my non-working days, that'll take me to the top of the hill I live on and back down again I think.

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