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The April Shred Thread - No false messages of lethargy!

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MagpieCursedTea Wed 01-Apr-15 15:34:01

Starting a new thread for April for anyone doing the 30 Day Shred and/or other JM workouts.

Everyone welcome smile

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 15:40:43

Thanks Magpie. smile

Link back to last thread for reference to earlier tips, reminder where people were up to etc.

pantsjustpants Wed 01-Apr-15 16:01:03

Hi, can I join you please?

I do the shred in between 6 week courses on an insanity style hiit class. I can't afford to do it one after the other, so shred too.

I've been really slack food and exercise wise, so will exercise later hopefully and tomorrow the detox starts!

LaPomme Wed 01-Apr-15 16:13:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 16:42:21


Pomme, the main thing when you start doing abs stuff is (a) make sure you exhale hard as you crunch up, and keep the small of your back flat against the floor. If it feels like you're straining your back, ease off and be patient.

lilacclery Wed 01-Apr-15 16:44:54

Mon - Shred Level 1
Tues - Shred Level 1
Wed - out of house from 6.45am to 9.30 pm I predict no Shredding tonight!
Lapomme I know after Mon my abs weren't as sore as my legs so I worked harder at that last night and they're tender too today, my legs are killing though!!

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 16:49:05

It's normal for your legs to be sore for the first 3-4 days (the OMG I wish I lived in a bungalow effect) - but then they get better and then if you keep up the exercise habit its never ever as bad again - honest!

lilacclery Wed 01-Apr-15 16:57:26

Yep I told dh last night our stairs are too steep, he thought it was because ds 17 months is coming down them!!
I did 30 day Shred before, don't think I finished it out although did get to Level 2.
My arms can't be stretched that far either today, but it's all a sign of it working I guess

MagpieCursedTea Wed 01-Apr-15 19:00:27

Ri30 W2D1 complete!
I'm really missing the shred and am strangely envious of those just starting it. Hope you enjoy it smile
Not loving week 2 of ri30, some seriously difficult moves. There's one that I just don't have the arm strength to manage .

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 19:12:09

Well, I suppose you could treat yourself to a day of shred in among the ripped! grin Which is the killer move for you? (I've forgotten what's in each level already)

CheshirePanda Wed 01-Apr-15 19:14:49

Ri30 L2 D3 done. Not loving the first cardio section, where you (try to) do the plank jacks followed by mountain climbers and then repeat. Hello tolapomme and pants

pants I am interested to hear what the Insanity things are like? I've only seen the QVC-type adverts full of glistening sleek bodies and white teeth :-)
I've always imagined you'd be in such muscle pain after the first days it would be too much to continue? Also, if you've paid for the DVD or whatever once, why can't you repeat it for free?

BiggerYellowTaxi Wed 01-Apr-15 19:17:36

I'm place marking. I did 30DSL1D1 on Monday but now have D&V big so probably won't be able to do another workout until Friday. I've done 30DS before and half of Ri30 and various other JM workouts. I plan to mix up the levels this time and add in a few different workouts.

babygiraffe86 Wed 01-Apr-15 19:29:44

Holiday on the 1st may - 30 day shredding day 1 today, again. Ouch. Forgot it bloody well hurts.

Good luck everyone.

TorianaTollywobbles Wed 01-Apr-15 19:48:18

Hi everyone

Back on the shred again after doing it through twice on and off. Finding it better 3rd time around and can now just about manage a few full push ups. So is it better to do a few full push ups and build up rather than sticking to the anita knee versions?

drspouse Wed 01-Apr-15 19:52:00

Just marking my place and stating my intention to start level 3 tomorrow!

I got some heavier weights and used them just for the last day of L2. I think I'll do more Anita/more lighter weights to start with on the new level though.

MagpieCursedTea Wed 01-Apr-15 19:54:47

Errol I'm blatantly looking back at the shred with rose tinted glasses!
I'm not sure of the name of the move I can't do, but it's the one where you're sitting up then kind of lift your bum off the floor whilst balancing on your hands then swing your hips upwards. I can't even lift my bum up probably due to the size of it without having my hands in the wrong place which I think risks injury.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 20:02:27

Maybe you should do something like pelvic tilts ie shoulders stay on floor and you push up your bum instead, magpie? I think I found that one hard the first time I did ripped - after all the plank stuff it was a bit much on the wrists IIRC.

Toriana - I still can't do full pushups. I'm assured by people who know about these things is that if you can manage any full ones, stick with doing those, as many as you can even if it's only a couple to start with, rather than doing the knee ones.

pantsjustpants Wed 01-Apr-15 20:12:08

D1 level 2 done....

Mountain climbers suck big time when you have a broken toe.

Cheshire it's not a DVD, it's gym based. But it's that style of work out. It's been designed by a local guy and has become phenomenally successful in a short space of time. He's now franchising it! It's called Dawn Breakers if you fancy a Google, there's a public Facebook page for general info.

Errol, I agree! Even if you can do two and only get down an inch, you're still using the muscles and the full range will come.

TorianaTollywobbles Wed 01-Apr-15 20:42:35

Thanks both, definitely not full push ups yet can only get about half way down and back up again! But managing a few so will stick with it and hopefully improve. would like to build up to slightly heavier weights too, only using 1.5kg at minute but struggle with the shoulder lifting type moves with anything heavier

L1 d8 i think im up to now

mildlyacquiescent Wed 01-Apr-15 21:28:30

My people. <hugs>

MsRaspberryJam Wed 01-Apr-15 21:42:48

Marking my place with you all. I had a rest day today as not feeling so well.

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 21:45:30

Toriana - do get some bigger weights, but stay with the 1.5kgs for the ones where those still feel enough. You want whatever weight you can do the reps with while maintaining good form, and one size really doesn't fit all.

pants - I think if you've got a broken toe you might want to do something other than mountain climbers!

buffersandbumpers Wed 01-Apr-15 22:39:48

Ah pants. I meant to start it today... Can I join you from tomorrow?! Got 3 months to lose the flab. Can I just ask, do you spend 10 days per level?

mildlyacquiescent Wed 01-Apr-15 22:44:03

I did Shred Level 2 today (plus one of the Cardio workouts from Jillian's Body Revolution). It still kills my arms after Jillianing on and off for the best part of four years.

Buffers, you can do what you want. I personally did Level 1 for ages the first time because I couldn't do pushups properly. Like Errol, I still can't do push-ups properly! My favourite Level is Level 2 which is also the hardest one in my opinion. So just go for it whenever you start to be comfortable (well, comfortable-ish) with Level 1. smile

(Going to do "Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism" tomorrow morning. Already looking forward to the endorphin rush afterwards, but damn, it makes me sweat.)

ErrolTheDragon Wed 01-Apr-15 23:07:11

buffers - these threads are open to everyone who wants to be here, starting at whatever day of the month they bite the bullet! smile

10 days per level is a reasonable rule of thumb, not a hard and fast rule. You don't have to get everything perfect before moving on.

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