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Grab Your Tuna!

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stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 16:23:16

This is a thread about reclaiming exercise for those of us who never felt it was for us, or who lost our confidence after childbirth or illness or injury, or just lost our way a little bit regarding looking after ourselves.

This thread is about realising that getting up off the sofa and moving about a bit can be enjoyable, can be done in our pyjamas and can be fitted into lives that are too often lived for the benefit of other people.

This is a thread about firming up our wobbly bits, strengthening our bones, making our joints flexible and lifting our moods, so that the rest of our lives are that little bit easier and more enjoyable.

So, grab your tuna, wrestle yourself into your sports bra and watch out for the Little Differences!

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 16:24:07

If anyone could do a link to the old thread, that would be cool.

<technological numpty>

AmazonGrace Wed 18-Mar-15 16:31:39

Found you, came out in a cold sweat then, thought you'd disappeared into the nether. Hopefully a more technical person will be along to link.
Heading home from work will catch up later!

LittleMissIntrovert Wed 18-Mar-15 16:37:31

Ah here you are!

Link to other thread

LittleMissIntrovert Wed 18-Mar-15 16:37:56

Mine arrived today, very excited grin

PeaceOfWildThings Wed 18-Mar-15 16:37:58

Thanks stevie! grin

I weighed myself...and noticed that overall I have been losing weight for a bit, but more slowly than last time. Really want it to stay off this time, so hope that it is a good sign. Ive noticed that today is the first day I've felt hungry, and the fact I've not really pushed too hard to eat less is probably why my weight is slow to reduce. (And hopefully why it won't pile back on.)

I did arms/upper body workout with weights today. Tomorrow I need to do full body stretches.

Thanks again, stevie, I'm really getting into this. I'm going to get the DVD to use when on holiday at Easter (rubbish wifi there and no Youtube).

LittleMissIntrovert Wed 18-Mar-15 16:39:08

Has anyone done their body measurements to see if it makes a difference? And how do I do it please?

lisbapalea Wed 18-Mar-15 16:39:28

Is this a follow up to this 7 min davina dvd thread? If so, I have hopefully linked to it?!

I have been so inspired by all of the positivity on the last thread, which I have only discovered today, that I have just ordered the DVD on amazon!

Hopefully will be back soon to join in with the evangelism...

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 17:16:15

Yes, that's us. Maybe I should have made that clearer in the thread title...?

Anyway, welcome!

HemanOrSheRa Wed 18-Mar-15 17:19:43

Ah here you are! smile

BuzzardBird Wed 18-Mar-15 17:38:14

Oh God, I thought you had gone...broke out a bit of a sweat then. Does that count as a session? grin

BuzzardBird Wed 18-Mar-15 17:41:33

Gosh, I have just had a look around this 'Excercise' topic, everyone is really serious.

<sits and whimpers>

LittleMissIntrovert Wed 18-Mar-15 18:24:12

Well I was so excited that mine arrived today I have just done

Tone and sculpt
Tone and burn
Total Stretch

It was great, I actually enjoyed it! I can't believe I said that!

Because they are only 7 minutes you can push yourself a bit more, as you know its not long.

I am not as unfit as I thought, though I may be back to retract that statement when I can't move tomorrow morning!

I have started trying to do the 10,000 steps a day thing too in the last month, and I feel so much better, I will never be a runner, but I do enjoy walking.

So now I can tone too.

I feel empowered grin

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 18:29:56

Well done, LittleMiss!

Empowered is what we're going for.

I've just donned the Lycra...

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 18:31:53

Buzzard just stick with us at the back of the gym, no-one will notice is wink

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 18:32:06


AHamburgerinFrankfurt Wed 18-Mar-15 18:32:40

I saw the tuna and knew I had to click. I haven't started the 7 minute thingy but I feel great because I started running about 7 weeks ago. And now I am ahead in my training of all those people who are coming out of the woodwork now because the sun has been shining for 2 days!!

wigglesrock Wed 18-Mar-15 18:35:31

Just checking in, making sure we're still in our pj bottoms and greying sports bras smile

stevienickstophat Wed 18-Mar-15 18:53:41

Welcome, Hamburger

We're still here, wiggles.

I'm just having a breather before embarking on tone and burn smile

PeteCampbellsRecedingHairline Wed 18-Mar-15 18:58:12

Oh My God, I thought you had all disappeared!

Today I did warm up, boxing, tone and sculpt and total stretch. I also did Day 3 of C25k.

I tried on my size 14 sweat pants today. They will be staying in the wardrobe for a bit longer. blush [grin

KinkyDorito Wed 18-Mar-15 19:10:46

Marking place and taking painkillers for pain in shoulder and back sad.

Might do pilates in the morning instead, just for a better stretch.

Moodykat Wed 18-Mar-15 19:13:42

Woohoo! A shiny new thread in the exercise section no less! I'm hoping I can shake this bloody cold off and get back with davina (and you lot) tomorrow but for tonight I am lighting some candles and doing some yoga!

BuzzardBird Wed 18-Mar-15 19:14:07

No flashy lycra then Stevie or they will see us.

PeaceOfWildThings Wed 18-Mar-15 19:26:42

I will be wearing my pajamas of invisibility!

AmazonGrace Wed 18-Mar-15 19:38:55

Got my flashy Lycra to the ready grin

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